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You can use the following form to contact us two suggested dates to send. We try to make an appointment in the time frame you want Reservations and then confirm this to you by phone or email. If no suitable date is available, we will suggest you Alternative dates in front.

Please note: The earliest date is in about 8 weeks available. Until then, appointments can only be made by telephone. The reason for the introduction is to be stated here and a referral from the family doctor is necessary for new patients. The best and fastest way is to make an appointment directly with your family doctor. Exceptions are acute urological emergencies such as B. visibly bloody urine, renal colic (stone patients) and swollen, painful testicles.
There is also the option of a Timely appointment via the appointment service point (TSS)of the Thuringia Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians to get phone: 03643-7796042. For this you also need a referral form from your family doctor with a special barcode.

Important NOTE: microscopically detectable blood in the urine (e.g. with a rapid urine test) is no reason for a rushed introduction. This happens very often and is usually harmless, but a urological examination is useful.