How fast can a paper airplane fly

Tinker paper planes - Instructions for 5 planes

Whether nozzle, swallow or double-decker - we show five paper planes and the instructions for the models for making paper planes. Have fun building and let it fly!

We have already shown you how to build a flying dinosaur, paper boats and an airwave rider. It gets a little easier with these paper airplanes!

Already 2000 years ago people in ancient China buckled toys made of paper, the art is still called "origami" today. We provide you with the instructions for five beautifully folded planes in a handy throw format. Are you ready to take off?

Paper airplane instructions: the nozzle

You need:

Fold the paper lengthways in half and then unfold it again. Bend the top two corners towards the center line. You fold the resulting tip down generously.

And again: fold the top corners to the center line. Something is still peeking out from the original tip. You bend that up.

Turn the plane on its back and tip to the left. Fold the lower side onto the upper. Finally, make the wings by folding the upper edges to the lower edge.

Paper airplane instructions: the swallow

You need:

  • a square sticky note
  • Adhesive tape and paper clip

Unfold the opposite corners of the note and unfold it again. Then fold three of the four corners so that the tips meet in the middle.

Fold the lower half onto the upper half and crease the wings on both sides outwards.

Pull out the folded tips of the wings and pull them over a pencil. So they get a bit round. Reinforce the tip of the flyer with some adhesive tape and a paper clip.

Paper airplane instructions: the biplane

You need:

  • two A4 sheets
  • Adhesive tape

Fold the paper lengthways in half and then unfold it again. Bend the top two corners first and then again to the center line. You repeat the same with the second sheet.

You put one sheet aside and continue with the other: fold the lower side onto the upper side. Bend the two upper edges towards the lower edge so that two wings are created.

Finally, you slide this part into the other - as you can see in the top right. Glue the two parts together with adhesive tape. You already have an Airbus A380 - with two floors!

Paper airplane instructions: The top sailor

  • Expenditure of time for the paper airplane: around five to ten minutes
  • wrinkles: tricky
  • To fly: Long haul
  • material: one A4 sheet

Instructions: This is how you make the paper plane