Why are horns not popular in modern music?

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"How lovely the sweet sound of the French horn resounds through the bush and forest" ... even in folk songs, the horn is sung about with its cozy and warm sound. It is hard to imagine an orchestra without it. As a solo instrument, the horn has of course not achieved the same prominence as the trumpet, but there are enough composers and works that give the horn space to develop its unique character. Our exquisite selection provides samples with works in which the horn is allowed to shine particularly well.

A Noble and Melancholy Instrument

Music for Horns and Pianos of the 19th Century

UP TO 2228

1 CD • 66min • 2016

18.04.2017 • 10 10 10

The mutual relationship between composition, instrument making and instrumental playing techniques is a broad field. [...]

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The Art of the Vienna Horn

Naxos 8.557471

1 CD • 61min • 2003

14.05.2004 • 8 9 8

There are two special features that distinguish the “Vienna Horn” as a special Viennese variant of the orchestral horn. Firstly, it sounds particularly nice, but secondly, it is also particularly difficult to blow. Wolfgang Tomboeck, principal horn of the Vienna Philharmonic, for whom the Viennese design [...]

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cpo 999 874-2

1 CD • 59min • 2007

07.09.2015 • 8 8 8

Kurt Atterberg (1887-1974) not only had a long life in which he unfolded astonishingly many of his diverse talents, but was undoubtedly one of the greatest talents in Nordic music in the time of the upheaval towards modernity. Only peripheral effects of this upheaval can be felt in his music, which does not detract from the class of his work. [...]

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harmonia mundi HMC 905250

1 CD • 60min • 2000

01.10.2001 • 8 8 8

The misleading tempo markings in the first movements of the compositions by Ferdinand Ries (1811) and Franz Danzi (1805) have to be corrected beforehand. The modern CD titles irritate with incredibly long, slow first sentences before the (usual) slow middle movements. The editors would have [...]

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Before Mozart

Early Horn Concertos

UP TO 2315

1 CD / SACD stereo / surround • 66min • 2017

11.05.2018 • 10 10 10

Alec Frank-Gemmill's passion for instruments of the 19th century he already demonstrated with his first CD on the BIS Records label: works for horn and piano from this era [...]

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Matthias Berg


Mons Records MR 874 409

1 CD • 57min • 2005

20.10.2006 • 9 9 9

Two names, rightly given advance praise due to their long-acquired artistic successes, dominate the "Debut" CD (as the series title) now presented by Mons Records: Matthias Berg as a horn player with an impressive palette of colors on the Yamaha [... ]

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Brahms • Ligeti

Horn trios

BY 1859

1 CD / SACD stereo / surround • 59min • 2010, 2011

12.03.2012 • 10 10 10

To this day, the horn leads a shadowy existence in chamber music. And despite such weighty works as Brahms' E flat major trio for horn, violin and piano op. 40 and György Ligeti's Hommage à Brahms, the trio for violin, horn and [... ]

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Sony Classical 5164972

1 CD • 66min • 1962, 1960

20.07.2005 • 10 8 10

A record of the century returns to the catalog. In September 1963, Rudolf Serkin and the Budapest String Quartet, which had resided in the USA since 1938, went to the studio together for the first time to record Brahms ’grandiose F minor quintet. That kindred spirits had met here was [...]

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Virtuosic Wind Concertos

Challenge Classics CC72621

1 CD • 69min • 2010

25.02.2014 • 9 9 9

Since the late baroque era, unusual instrumental sound combinations have made concert music particularly attractive; The early classical period was particularly popular in combining instruments with strong tonal characteristics into colorful solo groups. [...]

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EntArteOpera Festival

Violin Concerto and Double Concerts

Gramola 99098

2 CD / SACD stereo / surround • 1h 29min • 2016, 2014, 2015

17.08.2018 • 9 9 9

At first glance, this may be astonishing, but at second glance it makes sense to compile works from the first half of the 20th century [...]

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Horn 6

Ars production ARS 38 531

1 CD • 62min • [P] 2014

17.03.2015 • 9 10 9

The history of music and its instruments is not poor at innovative turning points - one of them can be made out at the end of the 17th century: Up until then, horns were primarily signaling instruments for hunters - including the tower watchers high above the roofs of the city. But then the instrument made its way into art music with its sweeping sound. Today horns are part of the basic substance of every orchestral apparatus. [...]

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cpo 999 699-2

2 CD • 2h 13min • 1999, 2000

12.06.2002 • 9 9 9

Gustav Jenner, born in Keitum on Sylt, came to Vienna in 1888, where Johannes Brahms took on him as a mentor, teacher and friend. In assessing the compositions of his only student, Brahms was by no means lenient, as in Jenner's book Brahms as a person, teacher and artist [...]

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Andrew Joy

cor à cor

edition zeitklang ez-12014

1 CD • 75min • 2003, 2004, 2005

31.10.2006 • 9 8 8

"Zeitklang" is an uncompromisingly accurate label name that piques the curiosity of all innovative music lovers. The producer and owner of the avant-garde company is one of the radical innovators of contemporary music himself, so he knows exactly what he expects of himself and his customers. With [...]

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Ondine ODE 1062-2

1 CD • 65min • 2005

16.02.2006 • 9 9 9

The author of the introductory text, which has not been translated into German without creasing, builds a strange bridge to reinterpret the traditionally oriented music of the fifty-year-old Jouni Kaipainen into the modern age: that the Sallinen pupil sent his first symphony to the [...]

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György Ligeti Edition Vol. 7

Sony Classical SK 62309

1 CD • 71min • 1994-96

01.05.1998 • 10 10 8

The delightful wind quintet miniatures by György Ligeti (born 1923) have long been "hits" with quintet associations and have been recorded many times, but the horn trio, which was composed in 1982 as a more or less discreet homage to Brahms, surprisingly quickly found a place in the [.. .]

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The Ligeti Project IV

Teldec 8573-88263-2

1 CD • 66min • 2001, 2002

10.07.2003 • 10 10 10

It is nice when a composer can bring out his work with musicians whom he himself rates as outstanding: the fourth CD of the Ligeti project by Teldec leaves nothing to be desired; it is similar in level to the late recordings authorized by Messiaen or the legendary recordings [...]

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Ondine ODE 1124-2

1 CD • 64min • 2007, 2008

11.12.2008 • 8 10 9

Even with this new recording with works by Magnus Lindberg (born 1958) under Sakari Oramo, I don't really warm up. As with his (after all award-winning) recording of the clarinet concerto (ODE 1038-2), I am particularly lacking in the sensuality of the sounds and colors that make one

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Music for horn

Glossa GCD 921110

1 CD • 74min • 2006, 2008

06.11.2009 • 9 8 9

It is not only the hunting and French horn players who appreciate the beauty of their instruments' sound. Sensitivity of the pleasantly romantic tone formation and the susceptibility to unpopular slip-ups are, however, the price of their popularity and claims. Above all, the musical limitation to [...]

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hänssler CLASSIC 98.316

1 CD • 64min • 1998

01.12.1999 • 10 10 10

It would be a gross misunderstanding to interpret the already existing 36 comparative versions of all of Mozart's horn concertos as preliminary stages or an incentive for a further, even better and even more beautiful recording. There can even be no question of a lack of reference recordings. Here [...]

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romantic music for horn and piano

Berlin Classics 0300530BC

1 CD • 8min • 2012

16.10.2013 • 10 10 10

If you want to know whether a musician has an affinity for Robert Schumann's music, you have to pay attention to how he deals with slow tempos and dreamy moods. Felix Klieser intones the beginning of Schumann's Adagio and Allegro in A flat major op. 70 softly, but with a speaking, warm [...]

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hänssler CLASSIC 98.383

1 CD • 77min • 1997

01.08.2001 • 10 10 10

If you hear Rosetti's alias Franz Anton Rösler's horn concertos, both beautiful and capriciously demanding in parts, performed on the modern valve horn, then the respect for the performers of yore grows. Because everything here with seductive gentleness and smoothness in rapid [...]

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Antonio Rosetti

Horn concertos

cpo 777 288-2

1 CD • 53min • 2006

20.08.2009 • 8 9 8

Born in Northern Bohemia, Antonio Rosetti (1750-1792) from Leitmeritz, the creator of over four hundred works during his short life, was recognized by contemporaries as one of the most popular composers. In fact, his instrumental works in particular have an unmistakable character [...]

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cpo 999 734-2

1 CD • 65min • 2002

19.09.2003 • 10 10 10

In the endeavor to rediscover the then famous contemporary Mozart Anton Rößler from Bohemia (approx. 1750-1792), who called himself Antonio Rosetti, there has been a positive movement for some time. It was only recently that the exemplary recording of some bassoon concertos was able to [...]

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cpo 999 969-2

1 CD • 71min • 2003

19.01.2006 • 8 8 8

The works on this CD provide an opportunity to study the idiosyncratic style and creativity of the Finnish composer Aulis Sallinen, who was born in 1935. [...]

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Robert Schumann

Concert piece for 4 horns

Ondine ODE 1339-2

1 CD • 59min • 2016, 2018

05.06.2019 • 10 9 9

This recording from Finland brings us three and a half romantic horn concerts from three countries, the oldest of which sounds relatively the most modern and the youngest the most old-fashioned [...]

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Franz and Richard Strauss

Music for horn and piano

Campanella musica C 130 120

1 CD • 60min • 2000

01.03.2001 • 8 10 9

This CD deserves multiple recommendations. The exemplary performance of the solo horn player of the Berliner Philharmoniker is to be recognized in advance. Sound beauty and virtuoso wind perfectionism naturally form the foundation. But with regard to some of the greasy horn cantilenas [...]

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Teldec 3984-23913-2

1 CD • 75min • 1998

01.06.2001 • 10 9 9

The more subtly the opulent orchestral parts of Richard Strauss' scores are interpreted by formations of the highest international class, furthermore structurally sounded out by a star conductor, the more difficult it is to find the ideal balance - as here in the [...]

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