What number is my cell phone using

Android Find out your own mobile phone number on Android - that's how it works


Everyone knows it: your own cell phone number is just too long to remember. But not so bad! You can call up your own number on your Android smartphone at any time. In the following we explain how to do this:

Display your own number via the settings

You can have your own number very easily in the phone settings to let:

  1. Go to "Settings".
  2. Then scroll down to "Over the phone" / "Device information"(different from device to device).
  3. Then click on the menu item "status".
  4. Under the point "My phone number"find your number.
  5. Depending on the Android version, you can also find the item "My phone number" under "Status" - "SIM card status".

Determine your own number using the MMI code

You can also use a so-called MMI code determine:

  1. To do this, go to the Call option Of your cell phone.
  2. There you enter the following character combination using the numeric keypad: *#62# (Telekom customers use the code *135#).
  3. Now send the code just start by typing the Call button to press. This should give you your Number in the form of a text message are displayed.

Important: If you use the code * # 62 #, a pair of numbers is automatically inserted between the area code and the actual phone number for the desired number. Mostly combinations like 33, 55 or 99. So you have to think away these numbers when transferring.