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"Was Einstein really responsible for the atomic bomb?"

Einstein was not directly involved in building the first atomic bomb. Einstein was a staunch pacifist all his life and stood up against violence and war wherever he could.

What does Einstein's theoretical work have to do with the bomb?

However, his discovery of the equivalence of mass and energy, the famous formula E = mc², was a decisive theoretical prerequisite for the development of the bomb.

What was Einstein's reaction to Hiroshima?

In August 1945, around 250,000 people died agonizingly in Japan, either immediately or after the American airdrop. Einstein was deeply affected. After Hiroshima he intensified his engagement against war and against the bomb. So he later turned particularly sharply against the construction of the hydrogen bomb in the USA.

Why didn't Einstein do something about the development of the atomic bomb beforehand?

Einstein even campaigned for President Roosevelt to build the bomb in the United States in 1939 because he feared that Nazi Germany would develop and use such a bomb.

Wouldn't the US have built the bomb without Einstein's letter?

At this point, Einstein's intervention was important. After all, he was an internationally recognized authority. But there were many of Einstein's colleagues who wanted the bomb for the same reasons. B. Edward Teller or Leo Szilard.

Which researchers were directly involved in building the first atomic bomb?

Since 1943, under the scientific direction of Robert Oppenheimer, a colleague of Einstein, thousands of physicists and other specialists, including many emigrants from Europe, have been working on the so-called Manhattan Project. Einstein was also invited to collaborate, but refused to collaborate.

What became of Nazi Germany's atomic bomb project?

In Germany, researchers such as Werner Heisenberg worked on the development of the bomb in the uranium project during the Second World War. To this day it is still a matter of dispute why it could not be built.

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