How is Java unsafe

Java is unsafe and awful. It's time to turn it off

As usual, the Java runtime environment has another security flaw. If you don't disable your Java plug-in, you run the risk of becoming infected with malware. That's how it's done

Vulnerabilities are nothing new, but in this case, the vulnerability is really bad and there is no telling when Oracle will fix it. And how often do you really need Java when you surf the Internet? Why should i keep it?

Should you disable or uninstall Java?

Ideally both. Otherwise:

  • Unless you are relying on applications that use Java and are not visiting websites that require Java in your browser, the best thing to do is to remove the entire framework from your computer completely.
  • If you use applications that require Java, you should deactivate the plug-in in the browser.
  • If you are forced to use Java in the browser for a particular site, you should turn off Java in the main browser and then use an alternate browser only for that single site.

For regular users, there are very few reasons to stick with Java.

Note: Many readers pointed out that the fun and extremely geeky game Minecraft requires Java. Of course, if you're a geek, you've earned Minecraft - but you should still disable the Java plugin in the browser.

How to completely uninstall Java

Just like anything else, you'll need to go to Control Panel -> Uninstall Programs and uninstall from there. Look for something else that contains Java, JRE, JDK, or something similar and hit the uninstall button - it's completely free so you can just reinstall it if you really need to.

How to disable the Java plugin in Google Chrome

For Google Chrome, go to about: plugins in your browser bar and press Enter.

Find Java in the list and click the Disable button.

How to deactivate the Java plug-in in Internet Explorer

Go to the Tools icon and then use the Manage Add-Ons menu item.

Find the Java plugin in the list, click it, and then click the Disable button. You will find that this screenshot shows how to remove LastPass. However, the same idea applies to both.

How to disable Java in Mozilla Firefox

Open the Firefox menu and click the Add-ons button.

Find everything that says Java in the name, then turn it off.

Java is finally gone! Now find a good reason to get rid of iTunes.