What are some cosmetic uses of petroleum jelly

Cosmetics: 6 creative beauty tips with Vaseline

Vaseline is a true all-rounder among cosmetic items. There is hardly any other cosmetic product that can be used for so many useful purposes with a little creativity.

It is usually used as a lubricant on the skin or as a skin protection - for example, for chapped hands. Since Vaseline is chemically neutral to almost all materials, it is even used in industry - as a lubricant or anti-corrosion agent.

That is reason enough to take a closer look at this cosmetic miracle cure. So I've done a little research and put together some unusual uses of petroleum jelly in this beauty tip. Just take a look at the following beauty tips - there might be one you want to try.

Cosmetics and beauty tips with petroleum jelly

1. Vaseline for lip care

If you want to care for chapped lips, you don't necessarily have to buy an expensive lip balm. Vaseline is also suitable for the care of dry and chapped lips.

It is enough if you apply a thin layer on the lips to protect them from drying out. This tip is particularly suitable for cold winter days, as the vaseline layer forms a heat protection layer on the lips.

2. Vaseline as face protection in frosty weather

On particularly cold winter days, petroleum jelly can help keep the warmth in the skin. Here the cream acts like a heat shield against the icy cold. If there is also an icy wind, Vaseline also protects the skin from drying out.

3. The scent of perfume lasts longer with petroleum jelly

If you have chosen a special fragrance, you naturally want to be able to smell the noble perfume as long as possible. However, some perfumes are very short-lived. They often disappear after a short time. However, if you apply petroleum jelly to the relevant area of ​​skin beforehand and spray the perfume on it, you will find that you smell very good for much longer.

4. Make an eyeshadow, blush or lipstick substitute with Vaseline

If you have forgotten to buy all the cosmetic products you need, it is not all evening. You can easily make an eyeshadow, blush or lipstick substitute with Vaseline. All you need is a little food coloring mixed with a little petroleum jelly. Then apply the mixture with your finger or a facial tissue. Your make-up replacement for the upcoming evening is ready.

5. Vaseline to help with manicures / pedicures

When applying nail polish, it can easily happen that you “slip off” a little and paint the skin next to the nails.

To prevent this from happening, all you have to do is dab some petroleum jelly on the base of the nail or under the edges of the nail before you start painting.

If you then "slip", the nail polish can be easily removed with the petroleum jelly.

6. Vaseline as skin protection when coloring hair

When coloring the hair, it is really not that easy to dye only the hair - and not also the hairlines or parts of the skin. So that the color really only gets where it is supposed to, you can first apply some Vaseline to the areas at risk. The dye cannot adhere to the petroleum jelly and can then be easily washed off again.

I hope you found a few ideas that motivate you to experiment a little yourself. If you still have good ideas on how to use petroleum jelly for beauty care, please write me your tips in the comment on this article.

Good luck with using Vaseline!

Andrea Munich