What a star is Almaak

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Western traditional names for single stars:

(Results of Internet research. Numbers mean hits in google End of 2002)

Western traditional names for selected stars (results of internet researches, numbers represent google hits, end of 2002):

Adhil + andromeda 92, al-dhail 3, star very inconspicuous, not in the arab list

ALMAAK + andromeda 185, almach 688, almak 219, alamak 262, almaach 18

ALPHERATZ + andromeda 1870, alpherat 45, sirrah 711, sirah 146

MIRACH + andromeda 968, mirac 56, merach 41, mirak 73, mizar does not work, error in arab list ("mizar")






These pages are a service of Planet Poster Editions and were designed in connection with the publication of the poster "The Starry Sky".

These pages were created by Planet Poster Editions while working out our starry sky (night sky) poster.


Used literature:

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Text on the constellation: Mathias Elsen, Göttingen