Why did kings like power

Adoration of the Magi Sandro Boticelli, around 1475 - Uffizi

The three kings

We hear about the Three Kings for the first time in the childhood story of Jesus (Mt 2, 1-12): the visit of oriental magicians to the Messiah child. Whether the “wise men” who have come to Jerusalem are Persian priests or Babylonian astrologers (magicians) remains to be seen. Your home is "in the east" and can be Arabia, Mesopotamia, Babylonia and Persia. Judging by the gifts they brought with them, all of which are treasures of Arabia, the wise men would be at home in Arabia. In the adoration of the magicians the messianic promises about the homage of the peoples to the God of Israel are fulfilled.

The threefold “three kings” is probably only deduced from the number of their gifts, gold, frankincense and myrrh. Melchior, Balthasar and Caspar (he is considered to be dark-skinned) have only been mentioned as their names since the 6th century. They are also considered to represent Europe, Asia and Africa. Her bones came from Milan to Cologne in 1164. In 1248 construction began on the Gothic cathedral, consecrated to the three kings, which was not completed until 1880 and which houses the precious reliquary.

Regarding the gifts: The church fathers saw in the gifts a symbol of kingship (gold), deity (incense) and the passion of Jesus (myrrh).

The three kings

The message: the star that goes before them shows the way. The proclamation of a new time - a new king.

They come from three directions to worship the God of heaven and earth. They are hasty, hopeful, and confident to achieve their goal.

A glass triptych by Werner Kothe, sculptor, glass designer BVBK, Glashütte Annenwalde

The triptych found its place in the connecting wing from the hospice [see there] to the main house.

When they arrived in Jerusalem, where the star led them, in the city that was called to show men and peoples the way to God, they no longer see the star. Power and violence rule the country.

Before Herod they tell about the star - ask about the new king of the Jews. He orders them to look for the new king. He too wants to pay homage to him, as we know, a lie.

They move out of Jerusalem and the star guides them on.

They walk on bright paths - they refuse to report to the order of the ruler where the child - the new king - is.

You achieve your goal. It shines, it is the light, the message that they should take with them to their countries.

For Werner Kothe it is the plaque with the main message: to save lives with this act. Today we say “civil courage” and we also know how much effort and courage it takes.

3 photos: Rudolf Klemke

January 6th, Epiphany, is their day, an official holiday in the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Saxony-Anhalt. In the Orthodox Church, “Epiphany”, as the actual name of the Epiphany is read, is the feast of the Epiphany even before Easter in the church calendar.

Carol singers in our city of Neubrandenburg

Sending out the carol singers Photo: Archive

Carol singers project 2020: Growing up in peace in Lebanon and around the world

In Neubrandenburg, too, girls and boys are sent out to worship around Epiphany. Divided into groups, the carol singers bless many houses and charitable and diaconal institutions (old people's homes, kindergartens, handicapped housing complexes, clinics ...) in non-CORONA times. The collections often amount to 6,500 euros (2021: despite CORONA 6,275.34 euros), with which disadvantaged children all over the world are supported. Nationwide, over 330,000 carol singers take part in the carol singers campaign. It is the world's largest solidarity campaign in which children get involved with children in need.

During non-CORONA times, three-king singers will perform on the afternoon of January 6th, pupils of the St. Marien Protestant School, who are responsible for handing over a check with the proceeds of the BENEFIT EVENING slipped into the roles of kings. This proceeds will be used for charitable purposes of the association. In addition, the three-king singers appear and the carol singers on the benefit evening.

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