Why aren't throwing knives heavy on blades?

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Unread post from Tom bombadil » 06.02.2006 12:51

Nor do I know that the throwing spear was a commonly used weapon in the Middle Ages. There is only ever talk of arches.
The Romans used the short throwing spear (Pilium) to render the enemy's shields unusable. According to DSA4, this also works very well in terms of control technology. A javelin is just a simple thing: you throw it at the enemy and don't think about it any further. Hold a support for normal melee armament. Archers were pure ranged fighters.
The javelin was also used by everyone for hunting. The javelin makes sense again. Because against an attacking wild boar you can at least use the javelin as a spear. In addition, it shows far more courage to kill a wild boar with a spear than with a bow.
Javelins are also great in terms of control technology at DSA4. I tried that with my animal warrior. Javelins increase snot-cheaply to C, count as a non-throwing attack and make shields unusable. They create wounds just as easily as arches. A close combat is decided much faster if you throw a javelin at your opponent beforehand. Clearly, there will never be pure javelin long-range combat regiments, but as the Romans showed, the javelin is an excellent form of close combat support. Because javelins are quite bulky, I use throwing axes more often. But they increase to D, and don't cause any wounds ... so I'll go back to throwing javelins.