Do IB students have senioritis

Signs, symptoms, and dangers of senioritis

Symptoms: Idleness. Skip classes. Not studying hard for tests or writing coherent papers. Disinterest in school-related academics and activities.

Diagnosis: Senioritis

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Avoid the epidemic. Don't catch senioritis. Slacking off in your senior year may seem like something you deserve, but the chances are that you are doing more harm than good to yourself.

For one thing, you miss half a year of learning. As a result, you are less prepared for college.

Second, the admissions officers really pay attention to what you've accomplished in your final year. They look at your grades and activity, and in some cases, your more recent Facebook posts.

The temptation to drop out of school and associated work is especially great when students have already entered college.

But did you notice that your college application package contained a form called "Mid-Year Report"? Your advisor will fill it out and send it to your college in due course, and it will become part of your full admissions assessment.

Colleges have the right to lock your admission and students are booted. Read your vehicle registration certificates carefully. Often times, colleges give clear warnings to students informing them that admission is dependent on successful performance throughout the senior year.

The number of students whose acceptance offers are withdrawn is small because the decline usually has to be significant before colleges go that far. Universities can and do this in other ways, however. A student may receive a tough letter warning them to get them together. Or he or she has to explain in a letter or phone call what happened to their academic performance. A decline in performance can also have consequences, e.g. B. abandoning an Honors program or postponing your admission. These situations are not as rare as you might think.

In general, the more selective the college, the more emphasis is placed on what you did in your final semester.

Also, don't plan on doing something really stupid no matter where you want to go to college. Colleges regularly revoke admission offers from students arrested or suspended from school for illegal or prohibited activities, such as drinking.

The recommendation from the International College Counselor is to take preventative measures. Senioritis may not be curable, but it is treatable: stay active. Keep doing. Stay focused. Stick to your regular schedules. Take a college course to better prepare for college. The credit can even count towards your school and that is one less class to take.

You have a full summer if you want to do just that in between shopping for new towels

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