How many years does an iPad last?

This is how long you will be using your iPhone, iPad and Mac

How long does an Apple device actually last? On the one hand, Apple's iPhones, iPads and Macs are extremely durable and are used by many users for several years, while owners of devices from other manufacturers often have to buy a new product after two years at the latest. On the other hand, users of Apple devices also complain that, exaggeratedly, components break exactly one day after the warranty expires and have to be replaced for a lot of money.

But most of them are well aware that this is a distorted perception. Because it can certainly also happen with Apple's products that a device gives up immediately after the end of the warranty. However, this is likely to be the exception, but due to the inconvenient timing, it is particularly remembered.

How long should an Apple device last?

The question arises as to how long Apple's devices should actually last or what kind of lifetime Apple expects with its own products. In a new FAQ about Apple's environmental protection efforts, the company writes that different runtimes apply to different devices. Apple assumes that its devices with the OS X and tvOS operating systems - i.e. all Macs and Apple TV 4 - should last about four years without problems. For iOS devices and the Apple Watch, Apple assumes a shorter term of three years.