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Translation of "dimple" in English

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dimple dimples pits


I saw this dimple on my chin.
The dimple your tie is too far left.
Dimple in your tie's too far to the left.
Crowns can be done by smiling and dimple get lost.
Well, you know, crowns are sometimes lost by smiles and dimples.
Maybe babies will come with you dimple simply photographed more often.
Perhaps babies with dimples are more likely to be photographed.
A light receiving element according to claim 2, wherein the spherical dimple have the same width.
A light receiving member as set forth in claim 2, wherein the spherical dimples have the same width.
Your smile and yours dimple are just the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
That smile, and those dimples are pretty much the greatest thing I've ever seen, so ...
Concept of emotions0:06 Portrait of a smiling brunette with dimple Cheeks against a green park.
Concept of emotions0:06 Portrait of a smiling brunette with dimpled cheeks against a green park.
And the guy with the dimple over there.
And that guy over there with the dimples.
I do not know exactly, dimple.
I had a waist dimple.
I love your knees kissing hers dimple.
I love your knees, their dimples kiss.
You could put a 5 cent piece in this dimple to lose.
You could lose a nickel in those dimples.
These dimple won't take you to Harvard.
those dimples are not going to get you into harvard.
Any college boy with me dimpleyou meet at work.
Some college guy with dimples, you meet at your part-time job.
I still have that dimple at the same spot.
I've still got the dimple, and in the same place.
12 rectangular dimple, blue border around the star, cylindrical
12 rectangular dimples, blue edging around the star, straight glass
Special feature: - Cylindrical, 1 row dimple under the foam edge
Characteristics: - Straight glass, 1 row of dimples below the collar
She ignored the question, but a brief, amused smile gave me hers dimple shown.
She ignored the question, however, a short amused smile had shown me her dimples.
She smiled and hers were wonderful dimple appeared on her cheeks.
She smiled, her beautiful dimples appearing on her cheeks.
He has dimple here and there.
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