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A shell enables the text- or command-based use of the computer system and is mainly found on Unixoid systems. The ability to combine small but powerful and flexible command line programs is an important cornerstone of the Unix philosophy. This helps the shell, actually a program like any other, to a prominent status, especially with advanced users who use it to automate routines and permanently keep one or more instances of a shell open for quick access.

Many commands, some of which are even called from the graphical user interface, do not hide programs in machine code, but shell scripts that can be viewed by an editor.

The Terminal article provides an overview of the applications that can be used to access a shell under different desktop environments.


There are several different shells in Linux. These differ in terms of functionality and ease of use.

Surname description package Default?
Bash Probably the most widespread shell in Linux systems; under Ubuntu standard login shell / interactive shell bash Yes
Dash Standard shell on Ubuntu dash Yes
Fish Shell with the explicit objective of user-friendliness fish (universe) No
Z shell Powerful shell with a very sophisticated command editor zsh No
Korn Shell 🇬🇧 The Korn Shell (own name KornShell, also known as ksh, ksh88 and ksh93) is a command line interpreter developed by David Korn at AT&T Bell Laboratories, as is the description of the scripting language implemented by this interpreter. The language description itself is in the public domain, but not every implementation. The original source code of the ksh93 has also been in the public domain since 2000. The KornShell (in the version from 1988) formed the basis for the POSIX shell specification and meets the POSIX2 standard. It is fully downward compatible with the Bourne shell (sh or bsh) and takes over many of the innovations of the C shell (csh). ksh (universe) No
Mksh mksh is the direct successor of the Korn Shell, but not linked to the AT&T Korn Shell and its programmers. Rather, it replaces the public domain Korn Shell pdksh and at the same time implements the Korn Shell programming language, which is also contained as a subset in Bash. At the same time, since Ubuntu 12.10, the mksh package contains the legacy Korn shell lksh: a lean command interpreter with the intention of running shell scripts according to the ksh standard. lksh and mksh are in no way subject to the ShellShock problem. The mksh is used instead of the Bash in Android and, according to Google, is thus more often represented in UNIX-like systems than the Bash. mksh (universe) No


Some basic notes on using the shell:

Command overview¶

A large number of basic commands for the command line are clearly listed:

To find out which shell you are currently working with, you can display the variable $ SHELL:

All currently available shells can be accessed using / etc / shells Interrogate:

To change the login shell of the user, use the command chsh (change shell).


A large number of applications - from system administration to multimedia programs - are listed in this overview:


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