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What does "props go out" mean? Meaning and use


Someone said to you "props are going out" and you don't know what that means? We'll tell you what the term means and how you can use it yourself.

That means props go out: You have my respect

The expression "props go out" comes from the English language and can be derived from "proper respect". "Proper respect" in the German translation means something like "due respect". The short form of "proper respect" is "props". When someone says to you "props go out" they mean that you have their respect.

The expression has a long history in the American rap scene, where it was used as an abbreviation for "proper respect" in numerous songs in the 80s. The expression was mainly shaped by the development of the mafia scene, in which the value of respect is in the foreground, which was also interpreted as a motive by numerous rappers.

So use your props to go out there

If you want to use the abbreviation yourself, you should always pay attention to your surroundings. Since "props go out" can be assigned to youth language, it is not suitable for formal conversations. However, you can simply use it in conversation between Bruhs on WhatsApp.

With "props go out" you express that you show respect to another person. It is also often used in the context of thanksgiving, when you want to thank someone and you say, "I have respect for the way you have helped me." Thus, in contrast to MILF, "props go out" can be classified as a positive youth language.

Examples of props use go out

  • Person A: "LOL, yes, I am writing these youth abbreviations here."
  • Person B: "Lit! Props go out!
  • Person A: "If we come to Hamburg then doner kebab on your neck?"
  • Person B: "Sure diggah, my props go out to you, you get everything!"

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