I am so loved so loved properly loved

You never really loved me, just the way I loved you

Now that all is said and done, we can both determine that this should never have happened. That you never really loved me, just the idea of ​​having someone by your side.

You didn't want to be alone, you wanted someone to take care of you. You loved the way I loved you, not me.

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You never really loved my body, only the movements I made for you.

You loved that everyone envied you that you had me by your side. You loved how you had everything you wanted from a woman, how you got everything but gave nothing back.

I loved you more than myself I was there for you after working double shifts in the hospital, but where were you when I needed you?

Where were you when my first patient passed away? Where were you when I first saved a life? Always busy, always had an excuse.

“Baby you know this is important to me. Please be understanding. " But I should be important to you too, and I never have been.

You never loved me, just the idea of ​​having someone by your side. The only thing that mattered to you was that I was your safety net.

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I loved you so much that I wanted to change you for the better. But you managed to break me down so much that I had to fix myself.

You loved having someone to vent your anger on, complain about your insecurities and expect me to cheer up your ego.

And I was ready to help you, I was ready to choose you as a priority, but not once did you do the same for me. At no point was I neither first nor second. It was all about you, always about you.

You never loved my spirit, only the way it admired you. You never saw how great I was.

Not once did you bother asking me how my day went. Not once did you care that I was tired, that I was exhausted.

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You needed me to be there for you and you expected me to come to you as soon as you call me. Did you even notice that I am more than just a figure? Did you even notice how much you hurt me?

Did you even notice how lonely I felt next to you? How did I feel betrayed when you talked about other women?

You never loved anyone but yourself. When I refused to be there for you for the first time in six years, you immediately turned to someone else.

When you took all the love, all the strength, all the emotions from me, you just moved on to the next victim.

When I was broken, you were the one who broke me even more and just rolled me over. Walked over the empty bowl that was left of me and didn't even look back. Well until now.

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You never loved me, you just loved the way I loved you. You loved how much I was ready to help you, how much I was ready to put my dreams aside to make yours come true.

You loved how strong and independent I was because that meant you didn't have to be. But I needed you to be the man I needed you to be there for me, to hold me when I broke down.

Instead, you were the blowing wind that scattered parts of me across the universe. You were the hammer that smashed my walls, my soul. And not once did you feel sorry for it.

And now you're back here. Since this woman has left you, you are trying to get back with me. You're trying to get under my skin now that she did the same thing you did to me.

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She left you for another man because you weren't man enough for her.

And now you expect me to forget that you threw away the six years of my love, six years of trying hard, six years of giving parts of myself to make you complete?

And you expect me to believe that you have always loved me? Did you love me while you cheated on me Did you love me when you ran away with her

Did you love me when you showed it off in front of my eyes? Just addicted to the feeling of being loved and guess what honey?

You need to deserve both love and someone's time and devotion. And you absolutely don't deserve mine anymore.

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