What is the iPhone useful for?

What to do with an old iPhone - Use old iPhones sensibly

If you don't want to sell your old iPhone or even let it disappear in a drawer, you have a few other useful options. This trick is supposed to give you a couple Suggestions give, Whatyou can do with your old iPhone!

Sell ​​or trade in your iPhone

Due to their high-quality workmanship and long service life, iPhones are smartphones of very stable value, which is why decent sales prices can be achieved on various Internet marketplaces (eBay, Amazon). In terms of the achievable prices, we consider selling the iPhone 5 and newer to be sensible.

If you decide to sell, you should prepare your old iPhone accordingly in order to protect your personal data.

Use your iPhone as a remote control

Instead of letting your old iPhone gather dust, you can use it as a universal remote control. For example, you can use your old iPhone as ...

Use the iPhone as a radio and MP3 player

Older iPhone models are still great as Radio receiver and MP3 player, since their hardware is completely sufficient for these purposes.

If you want, you can get it on eBay and other platforms used 30-pin docking stations with integrated loudspeakers for little money, as the 30-pin connector from Apple is no longer installed and the demand for such devices is correspondingly low.

In combination with Apple Music, Spotify or others Streaming services cheap music solutions for the home can be tinkered with.

Stream videos to TV with iPhone

Your old iPhone can also be used as a Video source for your television. With a video-out cable or via AirPlay (both possible from the iPhone 4) you can bring the screen content of your iPhone to the television and can stream Netflix series.

Use your iPhone as an emergency or landline phone

With a cheap prepaid card, you can turn your old iPhone into one Emergency phonethat you can use if all else fails and no other phone is available.

Owners of a landline connection and a Fritzbox can download the Fritz! App Fon app and use the iPhone for Landline phone transform.

Use your iPhone as an alarm clock

If your old iPhone is just lying around anyway, put it next to your bed and use it as a Alarm clock. With the help of a cheap 30-pin docking station, you can set up your iPhone permanently as an alarm clock.

Install the iPhone as a surveillance camera

With the appropriate apps from the App Store, you can use your iPhone as a surveillance camera. All you need now is a holder to align your iPhone (for example a car holder with a suction cup), and it makes sense to have a power connection nearby. With the right apps, you can also turn your iPhone into a real dash cam for the car to be on the safe side in the event of an accident.

Use your iPhone as a fitness tracker

If you want to record running routes and monitor your own fitness, you can also plug in your old iPhone. The only requirement is an installed fitness app such as Runtastic. It makes sense to use it as Fitness tracker from the iPhone 3GS, because this model was the first to have a compass built in.

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