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We put startups in the right light

We put startups in the right light

The video is liked, shared and your brand awareness increases rapidly. You show yourself to a wide range of customers through a startup video. Furthermore, potential supporters often watch the crowdfunding video before making investment decisions. Thus, an ideal visual display achieves the attraction of generous investors. We offer you the opportunity to produce a film that presents your business idea and your young company in a professional and dynamic manner. So benefit from the advantages of video marketing. We help you - with a startup video produced especially for you - to implement your unique business idea.

Achieve brand building & top of mind with video marketing

In a globalized world like ours, it is imperative to stand out from the crowd. The number of competitors is growing steadily. Newcomers to an industry are particularly struggling with the fact that established brands are reluctant to give up market share. And customer loyalty can only be broken with difficulty by a company that is still relatively unknown. With this in mind, many startup companies are discovering the great potential of videos. There is a promising tool behind a professional film production. Introduce the company, build a positive image and be remembered. These are the goals and ambitions of a fresh entrepreneur. With an attractive video you can make a name for yourself in the industry and with customers. You achieve recognition value.

Cash injection through crowdfunding and startup pitch videos

A promising business idea and an ambitious team are good prerequisites for success. However, young entrepreneurs often lack the financial resources to implement their idea. A video production also solves this problem. With an authentic and convincing video, startups can easily win investors and cooperation partners. Present your business idea clearly and understandably in moving images. You will attract the attention of generous investors who will back you up. Who doesn't want to be involved in an attractive project?

Go Viral: Like, Share and Comment

The video has been shot and is ready to be presented. Numerous platforms are ideal for this. In addition to being embedded on your own website, video clips can also be pushed via social media platforms. The range of a production expands extremely. The whole world can see your product and share it with others. Word-of-mouth is very important in our time. With a memorable movie, you could be the next viral hit on the World Wide Web. In addition, videos are ideal for startups as a trade fair video or acquisition tool.

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