Is my therapist a good therapist

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Post Sun Feb 20, 2011 8:40 pm

I think a good Thera is subjective in some points, because as we have read here many times it depends on the relationship between the two of you.
I believe that even someone who is not always available can also be good, because it is helpful to find out that you can still get by for an hour or a day without him / her ...
which would be just one example of how things can be interpreted differently.

The question is, does it take you further, did you clearly feel in your life, in everyday life, that your condition has improved since you have known each other?

Are sessions in which he confronts you with things of yours that are difficult for you and can later be dealt with with his help or are they things that "break" you, in which you repeatedly experience situations that frighten you and the conflict changes or does not dissolve slowly?

Since I am someone who does not work well under pressure, I am less in favor of the expression efficiency in the sense of faster healing, if you can do that, of course, that's great, because time and money definitely play a role.
But some things also take time, imagine you had to memorize 20 pages and only had 3 days, or a decision like: I will take the job or rather meet the other person within 10 minutes.

For me, I find that my Thera is good for me because it appeases my fears, deals with the feelings in me that are too difficult for me to endure alone and thus encourages me to tackle new things that I would not dare to do alone .
Otherwise she is exactly what you have listed as good, on time, I know when and how I can reach you, reliable, ...

I haven't read all of your threads, but what I read about you and your therapy, I have the impression that your Thera is already helping you, but there are points that have conflict potential with you and are apparently difficult to unravel, possibly another Thera would be better. But the question is then more whether you can both grow from it and find a way to deal creatively with it or whether things stay that way and come on the tableau for a possible later therapy.
SandyZ. wrote:So what can I expect from my T?
What would you expect then, does he do that? If not, what are the points at which a difference appears? Have you ever told him about it, what does he think about it and can he possibly reach you if he knew about it or would he try to find a way to achieve it?
Are the things you expect to find things that really help you, or are they things that you think can help you? I've had the experience that it can also be different.
I know a lot of counter-questions, but I hope I have initiated thoughts that will put you on the right track.
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