How did Surya Namaskar change your life

Introduction to Surya Namaskara

Vitalization through the greeting to the sun

Surya Namaskara is a well-known and powerful technique within the yogic repertoire. Its versatility in application makes this exercise one of the best ways to lead a healthy, energetic, and active life. At the same time, Surya Namaskara prepares for the spiritual awakening and the expansion of awareness.

Interest in yoga has changed dramatically in recent years. It is no longer primarily the ritual aspect or the purely physical aspect that interests people in yoga, but the question of how the inner life can be discovered and improved. Although there is a great need for exercises that advance physical, mental and spiritual development, it is not easy even for the really determined to integrate yoga exercises into hectic life. Practice, however, is the most important aspect to make us feel better. Surya Namaskara is almost a complete sadhana. This exercise includes asana, pranayamas, and meditative techniques.

Most people's lives are characterized by mental tension, worries and complex problems that seem almost insoluble. These include relationship problems, economic and even geopolitical challenges in the form of wars and destruction. In addition, modern technology forces people to work mainly sedentary. All of this means that mental and physical illnesses increase more and more.

Yoga exercises are an ideal counterbalance against stress and prove to be the basis for the successful treatment of mental and physical illnesses. Surya Namaskara is an important part of yoga teaching and the associated attitude to approach these problems in a yogic way. In order to achieve results that show up in a new quality of life, practice time of five to fifteen minutes a day is necessary. The exercise is suitable even for very active people, be it the busy manager, the single parent, the exam-stressed student or the highly mentally active scientist.