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Mercedes W 123 and Co: Oldtimers and Youngtimers up to 10,000 euros

Dream cars like the Mercedes Pagoda, Ford Mustang and Porsche 911 cast a spell over classic car enthusiasts. And that despite the fact that they cost well into the five-figure range and some are becoming more and more expensive! But there are enough alternatives for normal wage earners that show that classic cars can be driven without large sums of money. They show that the classic car hobby does not have to devour large sums of money. According to Classic Data, cars in state 2 can be found for less than 10,000 euros.

Good Mercedes W 123s will soon crack the 10,000 euro mark

Mercedes 240 D (W 123): Price in condition 2: 8900 euros; Price in state 3: 5000 euros.

© Dieter Rebmann

The Mercedes series W 123 (1975-1986) is Germany's second most popular classic car after the VW Beetle. On this side of the 280s until September 1982, all W 123runde wore "ox eyes". The cheapest entry into the world of the W 123 is the 200 D, from the worn challenge cup to the rust-free pensioner's carriage, everything is on offer. It costs 8400 euros in state 2 and 4700 euros in state 3.But 55 HP, of which a third is used to push the cloud of soot out of the exhaust, is rather off-putting even to 123 fans.
Useful for classic car owners

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The "taxi diesel" is considered unbreakable, but also loud and lame. Many therefore prefer to use the gasoline engine, even if the smallest one costs a thousand more. According to Classic Data, a 250 with 129 hp now costs 9,600 euros in state 2 - and 6,000 euros in state 3.

The BMW 520i (E28) is a good price-performance compromise

BMW 520i (E28): Price in condition 2: 7000 euros; Price in state 3: 4000 euros.

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Another inexpensive classic is the BMW 5 Series E28(1981-1987) who easily asserts himself in everyday life. As long as it's not a lean 518 or the only 86 hp naturally aspirated diesel, it rolls lightly in today's traffic. The BMW 520i offers a good compromise between price and performance. According to Classic Data, it costs 7,000 euros in state 2 and 4,000 euros in state 3. His happy oversteer puts you in a good mood on fast country roads. This is also ensured by the compact dimensions, which are only unsightly when adults have to squeeze into the narrow rear: A 5 Series from the 1980s is shorter than a 3 Series today and 200 kilograms lighter. So much plus, little minus - in a well-preserved copy.Sure, an E28 with worn out mechanics is no fun; The same applies to rust, which particularly likes to eat on the jack mounts, the front spring domes or the door edges. It is worth taking a closer look, but extensive welding only in exceptional cases.

The Mazda MX-5 is considered to be a robust, defective dwarf

Mazda MX-5: Price in state 2: 8100 euros; Price in state 3: 4500 euros.

© Mazda Motors

30 years ago, the Mazda MX-5 of the NA series (1989-1998) heralded the renaissance of the roadster and brought with it impressive all-round qualities. The agile Mazda with the lively 1.6er (115 PS) and the short-stepped manual transmission is a fun vehicle suitable for everyday use without any airs. With just a few quirks, which can also be easily remedied, the first examples have now achieved classic car status. According to Classic Data, copies in state 2 cost 8100 euros, in state 3 they cost 4500 euros. As a classic roadster with modern technology, the first generation of the MX-5 was produced from 1989 to 1998 and was the best-selling sports car of this type worldwide. Mazda placed great emphasis on good quality even during development, which is still reflected today in high reliability. The four-cylinder petrol engines - just like the gearbox - are problem-free and durable with regular maintenance. Particular attention must be paid to the regular replacement of the toothed belt, ideally with tensioning pulleys. Although the body is not overly torsion-resistant, it is well protected against corrosion. AUTO BILD shows other classics up to 10,000 euros in the gallery!