What is the last movie you saw

Films that a man must have seen

Warning: if you are not familiar with these classics, then as a man you have a real educational gap. wanted.de presents you the editors' favorite films and absolute film pearls. You can find your personal compulsory film program in our photo show.

Shown in the cinema yesterday, today the strip is already forgotten. Has this happened to you a lot lately? Then it is high time for real film highlights that will stay in your memory forever, that you will seize again and again, no matter how often you have already seen them. Movies like

The godfather of Francis Ford Coppola, whose trilogy produced catchy phrases like: "I'm going to make you an offer that you cannot refuse". Often copied and never achieved Or cult films like pulp Fiction

, the killer masterpiece of the 1990s from star director Quentin Tarantino. Multiple awards, first-class cast and brilliantly staged - mainly because of the unusual narrative structure.

Often copied and never matched! But Tarantino has produced another classic male film:

Django Unchained

for example, for which there were also two Oscars. Among others for Christoph Waltz as the best supporting actor in the role of Dr. King Schultz.

When it comes to acting brilliantly, it can

The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan can arguably be viewed as one of the most recent milestones. Heath Ledger plays the role of his short life as Batman's opponent "Joker". Oh well, he doesn't just play it, he lives it - so authentically that you get really worried while watching. No wonder this flick made it into the top 10 best movies of all time in the Internet Movie Database (iMDb). Zack Snyder provided large pictures reminiscent of the comic origins 300

: Gerard Butler as King Leonidas fights with his Spartians against the army of the Persian king Xerxes. Leonidas' war cry "This is Sparta!" goes down in film history and has often been satirized.

Was recently honored with an Oscar

American sniper

by Clint Eastwood. The film is based on real life and revolves around sniper Chris Kyle (played by Bradley Cooper), who is the most successful American sniper with over 160 confirmed kills, according to the Department of Defense. A film that polarizes.

A heavily wealthy yuppie exhausted by life, who tries to fill his inner emptiness with excesses of violence and does not shy away from torture and murder - does that sound familiar to you? Right, we're talking about

American Psycho. The novel, which served as a template, was initially not allowed to be sold in Germany because the federal inspection agency classified it as harmful to young people. Meanwhile, the strip with Christian Bale in the leading role is one of the film classics. Fast cars and hot women - this combination is often enough to create a real men's film. The Fast and the Furious is so popular that the seventh film in the series has now been released and there are several computer games for the film. Tragic: The action series about illegal street races shows the last time leading actor Paul Walker, who himself was killed in a car accident, on the screen. Speaking of hot women: which man doesn't dream of Jessica Alba at night? Your pole dance scene Sin City probably imprinted on the memory of every man. But not only the wicked dance sequence is worth seeing. Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez have skillfully filmed the comic about the brutal city of sin and kept the comic style impressively. A second part has now also appeared here, and a third should also be planned. A film by Martin Scorsese should of course not be missing from a list of top films. Is especially popular with wanted.de readers Departed - Among enemies. In the thriller, the Boston police fight the mafia with undercover agents. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio dies one of the most shocking (because unexpected) film deaths. In Fight Club

Brad Pitt takes great pleasure in friendly fights and then founds a group of fighters together with the nameless protagonist. An incredibly brutal film by the standards of the time, apparently made only for men.

Are you looking for a really extraordinary film?

Memento by Christopher Nolan makes use of an extremely unusual narrative structure in order to force the viewer into the position of the protagonist, who has lost his short-term memory but is desperate to avenge the murder of his wife. He runs backwards. A stylistic masterpiece. What man doesn't know it, the Star Wars in a galaxy far, far away? There is simply no getting around Star Wars. The Empire Strikes Back is generally considered to be the best episode of the six-part saga. Marvel's is one of the classics among men's films for comic fans The avengers.

After the famous "The Avengers" comics, this film presents the stars of the successful superhero films Iron man, Thor and Captain America united in one action flick. Part 2, Age of Ultron, launched its film in German cinemas on April 23, 2015. The list of the best men's films and also pictures of other films can be found in our photo show.