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Shift-work dessert: 11 heavenly trifles

Caramel Brownie Trifle with Rolos

The more of the trifle recipes: For some it is happiness to be spooned, others call it a heart attack in a glass. One thing is certain: wherever this pompous trifle of juicy Rolo brownies, sweet caramel mousse and fluffy chocolate mousse appears, the wow factor is guaranteed. To the recipe

Mango cheesecake in a glass

“A portion of summer in a glass, please!” Nothing easier than that: Cookies, cream cheese cream and mango puree are layered in no time and there is enough time for you to enjoy the little snack in peace in the sun. To the recipe

Raspberry trifle with white chocolate pudding

Fluffy cake, creamy pudding, fruity raspberry cream and sweet raspberries - once you start spooning, you will be amazed. To the recipe

Trifle with Baileys and Oreos

You still have Baileys in your closet and you have no idea what to do with it? How about a great layered dessert? A little chocolate, a little more cream, a few oreo biscuits, a good shot of Baileys and you have an amazing trifle in a class of its own. To the recipe

Classic trifle with strawberries

Classics are a safe bet - it's not for nothing that traditional recipes have been passed down through generations. Nobody wants to understand where exactly the origin of the classic trifle recipes lies. But it doesn't matter at all: With this dessert dream of cake, pudding and strawberries, you forget the world around you one way or another. To the recipe

Full power with Sam!

From pesto and whipped cream to soups to dips and herb butter:3-in-1Hand blender Sam is an all-rounder with which you can effortlessly mix, chop and whip your ingredients.

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Strawberry Raffaello Trifle

When the sun lets you down again. Or if the vacation is still far too long in coming. Or simply because you feel like it. Trifle recipes always work. A portion of this wonderful combination of chocolate muffins, Raffaello cream and strawberries conjures up a touch of the Caribbean in your everyday life. Close your eyes and dream so far away ... To the recipe

Peach Cheesecake Trifle

The peaches make themselves really comfortable on the bed of creamy cream pudding and delicious cheesecake cream. No wonder - the combination is just for putting in. To the recipe

Black Forest cherry in a glass

The big cake, sometimes very small: The classic is also just great as a trifle. Made fast, the stove can stay cold and even your grandma will nod appreciatively after the first bite. To the recipe

Mascarpone blueberry dessert

Fluffy cake, tender mascarpone cream and refreshing blueberries pile up in a trifle that is just waiting to take you to 7th dessert heaven. To the recipe

Raspberry cheesecake in a glass

Everyone loves cheesecake. But it doesn't always have to be a whole cake. For dessert, a small trifle of cream, biscuits and raspberries will make your guests at least as happy. To the recipe

Gingerbread layered dessert

Stop, stop! Old gingerbread does not belong in the trash! That would really be a shame, because without it you would miss a delicious trifle with creamy cream quark and full-bodied red wine sauce. To the recipe