How old is scott walker

The man with the mahogany voice has died. That's what Midge called Ure von Ultravox the singer Scott Walker. Walker became famous in 1966 with the sixties evergreen "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)", which he was a member of Walker Brothers sang. Later, as a solo artist, Walker sang his own songs with his soft, full baritone and this abysmal trembling vibrato, which became more and more experimental and disharmonious.

Were those songs still at all? His voice remained captivating, and it was precisely this range - from chart pop to idiosyncratic experimental music - that made him among fans and colleagues like Thom Yorke von Radiohead or David Bowie to legend.

1967, at the height of the Walker Brothers' success - and at the height of the "teen mania" that raged around the trio as much as they did Beatles - he decided to get out and retired to a monastery on the Isle of Wight, where he studied Gregorian chants. The solo work that followed on from his solo debut "Scott" (1967) was shaped by the "Wall of Sound", that orchestral epic sound-and-reverb aesthetic that the producer Phil Spector had invented. Walker sang cover versions of Jacques Brel chansons, built noise into his music, had the rhythm of the song "Clara" drum in on a real dead pig half during the recordings for his celebrated album "The Drift" in 2006 or composed soundtracks for erotic love dramas such as Leos Carax's film "Pola X" with Catherine Deneuve - and he wrote cryptic texts about the roar of world dramas, about mortality and fascism. That was no longer for the charts, but it was often heavenly. Monday is the Singer's Singer died of cancer at the age of 76 - and now hopefully where the sun shines forever.