Why are there so many questions

Why do people have so many questions?

Why why why ? Children in particular have so many questions that it is sometimes too much for adults and they answer annoyed: “You are still asking me holes in my stomach!”. This is understandable, but also a bit of a shame, because asking questions enables us to better understand our environment or the meaning of our actions.

With a few exceptions, we ask to get an answer that will help us further: what can I say, how does it work, where is ...?

But not only in everyday life, but also in science and technology, at the beginning of every invention or discovery there is a question: “How can I transport a heavy load?” Or “Why does the apple fall on the ground?”.

But asking and asking also helps us to understand other people better and to avoid arguments.

However, there are also people who have given up asking themselves questions. Perhaps, as children, you have had to experience that nobody takes your questions seriously. In fact, it can happen that we have too many questions in our minds and disturb us while falling asleep or thinking. Sports or relaxation techniques such as yoga then help to calm down again.

Understanding a lot is probably a deeply human quality and as long as there are still curious, thirsty for knowledge and imaginative people, there will be new questions (and answers!) Every day.