How do I contact Quora programmers


The titles of the two books seem to tell a truth ...


The shortcut to learning to program overnight

Question: How do I learn to code overnight?

Best answer: when winter comes, take your computer and go to the North Pole ...


What should I do if the code has an error?

Me: What should I do if my code contains an error? Look for guidance.

Colleague: Close the console window.

Me: Closed, what then?

Colleague: What then?


How to become a machine learning engineer

If I change the code indiscriminately and keep trying until the program can run, others will say the way I work is hacky or bad coding practice.

However, if I do this fast enough, my job will be defined as machine learning! Wages will also quadruple!


If I were the deity of machine learning

Interviewer: What are your strengths?

Me: I learn things quickly.

Interviewer: What is 11 x 11?

Me: 65.

Interviewer: No, it's 121.

Ich: It's 121.


I am concerned about this search result

Seen by my wife ...


Where the code exists is related to the state of the programmer


Java, the most social language

If you entered x = obj.fiedl incorrectly

C ++: Wrong, wrong, wrong, all wrong

Python: Huh? It could be right ... no, no, wrong, wrong!

Java: Oh ... (¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯)


Buddhism Debug

Debug is also a murderer in a crime thriller while becoming a detective.


Quora is telling the truth ...


Read the code hundreds of times

Ich: I don't understand the code you wrote.

My colleague: I don't understand either.


What is your address?


I studied CS!Don't repair your computer!

Mom: Son what are you doing?

Me: I'm a code farmer at Microsoft.

Dad: Perfect. Go and fix the printer at home.




You cannot conquer all platforms with just one language

Java: Really?


Real name thanks to Stack Overflow

I want to use my real name to thank Stack Overflow for helping me get my CS degree!

Finally there is one

The situation in which other people's code is tested:

The situation my code is being tested in: