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Author:Hubert Rubenbauer

Dynamic short-circuit current limitation based on a six-pulse thyristor rectifier



(ISBN-10: 3867275718)
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Description:New goods - Due to the constant expansion of the network, in the event of a fault, ever higher surge and continuous short-circuit currents occur in electrical power supply networks, which leads to increased thermal and mechanical loads on the network elements. In addition, the increasing amounts of energy that can be converted in the event of an arc fault not only result in further dangers for electrical systems, but also for people. The increased risks in the event of a short circuit can only be countered to a limited extent with the help of conventional equipment or only at great expense. On the other hand, suitable, inexpensive short-circuit current limiting devices are able to control the aforementioned negative side effects of faults in electrical networks. The cigré working group A 3.10 defines a short-circuit current limiter as a device that limits the current in the critical network branch in the event of a fault so that the system components are not overloaded. Short-circuit current limiting devices should, on the one hand, hardly affect all operational processes in fault-free normal operation and, on the other hand, should limit the short-circuit current quickly and reliably when a fault occurs. These requirements can be implemented in very different ways, so that a multitude of possible solutions exist. Figure 1, in which the currents are related to the amplitude of the unlimited continuous short-circuit current, shows a typical short-circuit current curve without the use of a short-circuit current limiting device (KSBE for short) and two limited short-circuit currents. The current iKSBE, 1 is limited by a very rapid fault current interruption, as can be achieved, for example, by an Is limiter. Furthermore, other short-circuit current limiters, e.g. high-temperature superconducting KSBEs, allow a - at least briefly - to maintain a limited current flow iKSBE, 2.
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