What is the escape speed on earth

Law and field of gravitation

The third cosmic speed \ (v_3 \) (Escape speed from the solar system)

On December 3, 2012, NASA reported that Voyager 1 had reached the magnetic highway, the edge of the heliosphere. This makes Voyager 1 the furthest from the earth and the sun that humans have carried into space. NASA expects that Voyager 1 will leave the noticeable gravitational influence of the sun in about 56,000 years.

In order to be able to leave our solar system, a probe needs such a high speed that it can practically move away from the areas of attraction of the earth and the sun. A rough estimate for this speed is the so-called third cosmic velocity \ (v_3 \). This is the speed with which a body would have to be shot down from the earth's surface in order to leave the gravitational field of the earth and the sun without driving. The earth's speed around the sun is taken into account, but not the earth's own rotation or possible swing-by maneuvers on other planets.

In the development task third cosmic speed you can calculate the approximate value of this speed. The third cosmic speed cannot be calculated precisely because the sun, earth and probe are a so-called three-body problem, which in principle cannot be solved exactly.