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Good morning,

my question is aimed primarily at prospective students. Are you actually put off by the fact that our study regulations are from 1989 and still follow the old system of the state examination? Who would advocate the switch to the Bachlor / Masters system?
I myself am in the middle. For me, the fact that there are no grades but only "passed / not passed" and we don't have to go on the hunt for any credit points is pro state examination for me. On the other hand, for me, the completely rigid system with outdated structures and the lack of the possibility of making your studies a little more flexible. So dear new students, how do you see it all. Are these considerations that play a role in your choice of study program?

As a non-pharmacist, a question about this: What if there were a switch to Bachelor / Master? Would the bachelor's degree be a professional qualification? Because there would always be some who did not make the hurdle to master's degree. Studying pharmacy in order to then become "a better (worse?) PTA" cannot be the goal. There has now been this judgment, after a teacher training candidate should not be denied access to the master’s degree, even if the performance is actually insufficient, but nobody knows whether this would extend to other subjects.

For my part, after my experience as a bachelor's guinea pig, I am now very happy to be in a degree program that everyone can do something with. At that time there was no consecutive master’s degree at my university, none of the companies that were at the university or where we were on excursion could even imagine a real position that a Bachelor graduate could have filled and job advertisements such as "BTA / CTA / MTA / Bachelor "say everything then ..
Be glad your system is what it is. There are now enough courses ala Pharmaceutical Biotechnology etc that have a specialization from the start, so there is a niche for everyone who does not want to have a broad education as a pharmacist (or such a long course).

hm, I'm studying a state examination course for Bachelor / Master and actually find this combination good. After three years you have the opportunity to make a cut and change the subject, including a degree, or change the university without wasting a lot of time. Unfortunately, we have also watered down the transition from Bachelor to Master. In fact, anyone can go to the master’s degree, no matter how bad the grades are. I think it's bad because the proportion of idiots doesn't decrease. It's really great for teaching

With us, the grades count to 40% in the exam, which is something special. Usually we don't have our own lectures and exams at my university, but write together with several other courses. Can be positive but also absolutely negative. Because the grades count for the exam now, they are oral with us. No exams, which I personally think is great - on the other hand, a 3.0 in a module with high weighting can cleanly screw up the exam.

We also have the opportunity to do another bachelor's degree in a second subject, which is particularly interesting for those who want to switch to business / research afterwards.

Hall oils, I support the state examination system because I think that's completely stupid with Bachelor / Master, so that you need to collect points a certain cut to be able to do a master later. And as it is now with passed or not, I think it's good, it is already often difficult to pass: - ((. For this reason, hands up for the state examination: -meinung

@ angelusmuc. Are you studying a state examination course for a Bachelor / Master’s degree? Interesting. What kind of degree is that exactly?
I didn't want to praise the Bachlor / Masters system with the topic here either. Of course, I also heard about its weaknesses. But I am of the opinion that our course could use a renewal in terms of course and content. In the case of other courses of study, this was inevitably carried out by converting the Bachelor's / Master's degree.

I'm also very happy about the old system. The only thing that bothers me is the constant explaining abroad what a state examination, a license to practice medicine or PJsei:) But I have the feeling that the change will come at some point.

Outdated? The system ? At most what is out of date, maybe some of the laboratories in the university. The state examination system is top. should stay like this what do you say? I say ....: rock:

So I think there should be a change in pharmacy, but not directly in the degree system but in the study regulations that you might do it centrally. Or what do you think of it?

@ angelusmuc: what exactly are you studying?

Bachelor lecture:
"When we were graduating, we had 3 semesters for this course, now we have 1 semester. I don't know how you can do it myself, but we'll give it a try ...";)

And EVERYTHING is assessed and is fully included in the final grade. In the meantime, a number of clauses of the form "for module X you have a maximum of 3 semesters" etc. have been completely deleted in my study regulations: Standard study times are almost impossible to adhere to, failure rates of over 80% were normal.

So please, why would you want this chaos? Apart from that, in most subjects with a bachelor's degree, you are simply worthless. This is a degree that actually isn't. And the equivalence between diploma and master’s degree is rightly questioned internationally.

What would you like to change about pharmacy .......

oh a lot.
For one thing, it would be nice to have choices. You have to know that so far it looks like that every semester you will be presented with a ready-made timetable that everyone has to read off in exactly the same way in that semester. Yes, even in the 8th semester. It's almost worse than at school.
Then I would like a specialization in the main course. In pharmacy there are four areas: chemistry, bio, technology, and pharmacology. It would be nice if you could choose two main areas and consider the other areas to be of secondary importance.
In addition, I completely miss something like project, group, or even housework on a certain topic. For me, such a learning form would be much more effective. So far, the motto has always been to knock a lot of knowledge into the head in the shortest possible time .... I hate this idea of ​​efficiency.

Personally, I think the state examination system is a bit out of date and I would say that I should switch to Bachelor and Master. That it is now the same internationally everywhere, at least we would have a unity in Europe. My second wish would be that we should have a uniform system with regard to the curriculum within Europe. For example, it would not be a problem to work as a pharmacist anywhere in Europe

Hello phosphor salt pearl,
you forgot about clinical pharmacy ;-) and at least for me at the university there are tons of projects like lectures ... we work for example. patient cases yourself and present them to the semester.
and pharmacology is group work for us.
So there are also other forms than just face-to-face teaching ;-)

The state examination will remain. It has to do with the fact that the state has a supply mandate to keep its citizens healthy and delegates this to the pharmacists. However, this is only possible on the basis of fairly uniform examinations, which then form the basis for the issuing of a license. Bachelor and master exams are designed by each university itself. Look at it this way: if you ever hold the appro in your hand, you have been found to be suitable by the entire state, and not just by some populous bumsuni: grin: That means yes not that you couldn't improve the content of the course.

I think that's exactly what is great about medicine and the like - that you are not a guinea pig for a new system where nobody knows exactly how and what it is for. Even if there are advantages.

The state examination will remain. It has to do with the fact that the state has a supply mandate to keep its citizens healthy and delegates this to the pharmacists. However, this is only possible on the basis of fairly uniform examinations, which then form the basis for the issuing of a license. Bachelor and master exams are designed by each university itself.

that's all well and good. I just wonder why the state doesn't care that the ANNO examination regulations are tuff.

I ask myself that too every day. the state examination was of course also taken, which means that important professional groups such as medicine, law and also pharmacy have standardized and supervised training.
basically it's not bad either. let's take a look abroad, they take those graduates with a kiss.
My point of criticism is not that the state examination is held, but that one takes advantage of not changing anything because there is no urgent need.

But the first Stex is also something like a small intermediate exam, which is necessary, but could also be left out. The last stex are definitely more important.

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