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Winsen (Aller) - Santa Claus seminar in Winsen: Much more than just ho, ho, ho

“Man, you're dressed in red again like me. But next year we have to coordinate better, "says one Santa Claus to the other - surreal. Even more surreal when twelve Santa Clauses stand next to each other on a sledge - St. Nicholas is still next to them - ring their bells and shout "Merry Christmas". What sounds like paradise on earth to children is part of Willi Dahmen's Santa Claus seminar in Winsen - the obligatory group photo is due.

The Jann Hirsch Hof conference room smells of cinnamon, speculoos and baked apples. Course instructor Dahmen explains to the 18 Santa Claus candidates that it is important to preserve the illusion of Santa Claus - especially when visiting the house: the robe should look valuable, the rubber should not be seen on the artificial beard and even the eyebrows should be colored white . Allegations from older children who say that there is no Santa Claus should be dealt with lightly. "Every detail counts," says Dahmen. "The children pay attention to everything."

As a reward, the payment of 50 euros per hour is rather secondary. “The best thing is when the children's eyes light up when Santa Claus has left the apartment.” With his performances, he has convinced some older children to believe in Santa Claus again. The experience of over 20 years as Santa Claus speaks from Dahmen.

Raphael Werner, on the other hand, is still at the beginning of his career: the 25-year-old educator from Springe near Hanover has only played Santa Claus once in kindergarten - but now wants to get started as a freelance Santa: “Christmas has a magic that has to be kept alive “, Says Werner. “The seminar helped me with the tips to become a better Santa Claus.” So he now wants to invest around 300 euros in a professional robe.

It's not cheap - but it shouldn't be cheap either. "It is very important to me that really trained Santa Clauses deal with children," says Dahmen. As a quality feature, each participant receives a certificate with which he can call himself “Santa's helper. A simple "Ho, ho, ho" and the handing over of gifts are not enough. “We're half psychologists and half educators,” he says. If Santa Claus, adored by the little ones, says instead of their mother that they should sleep in their own bed instead of in their parents' bed, it has a greater effect. Dahmen has actually saved a number of marriages.

If you want to book the Santa Clauses, you can do so on Dahmens website www.weihnachtsmann-celle.de. Some course participants have already registered as Santa Claus for the coming season. Dahmen mediates them. “It's a shame when I have to turn down 70 of over 100 inquiries because I don't have time.” Santa Clauses are welcome everywhere.

By Andre Batistic