What does jeans with stretch mean?

Stretch jeans - now it's getting comfortable!

Since stretch jeans existed, uncomfortable jeans are a thing of the past. In the past, when jeans were not a bit elastic, they were considered uncomfortable. The material denim itself is rather robust, hard and not stretchable. Only stretchable materials ensured that jeans could be really tight without being uncomfortable.

Raw denim in particular quickly reached your own limits when wearing it. The untreated material was too hard and refused to adapt, but still looked good. But today even raw denim jeans are equipped with elastane so that they adapt better to the body.

Strictly speaking, they should no longer be called raw denim jeans because they are no longer completely untreated, but the jeans industry is probably an exception. It is definitely more pleasant for the customer.

Today stretch jeans have become indispensable. Every pair of jeans usually has at least a small amount of stretch so that it fits comfortably over the bottom and can optimally adapt to the body. Without it, it hardly works any more.

Often you also resort to stretch jeans without knowing that it is about them. That's a good thing, because this way you know that you can rely on good quality - stretch jeans or not. There is only a perfect fit if the jeans are in the right place.

Since jeans are not just jeans and the well-fitting models stand out from the poorly fitting ones, you should already consider stretch jeans when looking for the right model.

Today we take a look at the stretch jeans that have made many friends in recent years and tell you how you can get a great figure with them, what advantages they have over other jeans models and how you can best wear them.

Stretch jeans cut a great figure

Stretch jeans are definitely a super figure flatterer. They sit perfectly, have an excellent fit and flatter your figure like nothing else. The stretch material therefore has a strong advantage over denim material without stretch. Normal denim is actually pretty hard, stays rigid even when you wear it. So you have to be patient until it sits the way you want it to be.

The stretch component in the new jeans provides more freedom of movement and is simply more comfortable. You can even sit around comfortably on the couch with it - no problem with stretch jeans.

The greater the amount of elastane found in jeans, the greater the comfort. The pants can then stretch more and so join every movement that you make.

If you want a pair of jeans with a stretch, all you have to do is look at the label. There is on the label what percentage the jeans are made of. If it says 50% cotton and 50% elastane, for example, you can assume that it is a good stretch jeans that adapts well to the body.

But even with less spandex it can be good stretch jeans. The value should not fall below 10%, because then it is a completely normal pair of jeans, because the seams also count in the proportion and they are always made from stretchy threads.

Does stretch jeans only have one model?

Of course not! You can get stretch jeans in all imaginable variations. From boyfriend jeans and straight leg jeans to bootcut jeans and flared jeans to skinny jeans and skinny jeans, everything is included.

The stretch component is most widespread, however, with tight trousers, as they have to be adjusted more to the body than wide trousers. Skinny jeans, skinny jeans and super skinny jeans can often not do without stretch. They are usually also meant when one speaks of stretch jeans. This ensures that the pants can adapt to the body all around and do not stick out at any point.

Just High waist models should show some stretch, otherwise they will sit rather rigidly on the stomach and waist. They stand out, stand out, and just don't look good. High-waisted models with a percentage of stretch are shapely, nestle and ensure an all-round cool look.

Are stretch jeans also something for plus-size girls?

Definitely! You can join every jeans trend through them. The stretch jeans hugs you and never lets you go. It makes for great curves, puts your curves in the limelight and at the same time ensures a great fit that you would not have had with other models.

Often times are straight tight jeans Almost only tailored to slim women, so you've been unlucky so far. Either they fit or they didn't. It's different with the stretch. It bridges strong legs, a round bottom or thicker calves, precisely because it makes the material elastic. It also enables you to wear the model you want in stretch jeans. There are no more trends in your way!

How do you combine stretch jeans?

Just like other jeans too! Just because they're stretch jeans doesn't mean that something looks different about them. Often they are indistinguishable from their denim friends without stretch. You actually only notice the portion when you try them on and realize that they are super comfortable.

Often you even unconsciously choose stretch jeans because they simply fit better than models without stretch. The pants can be combined just like any other pants. They are also available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and designs. Whether you want patterned jeans, brightly colored jeans or white jeans, they are by your side. Black and blue jeans are of course also available with a stretch component, so you can integrate them into your wardrobe as usual.

So you can combine any top with your stretch jeans. Sweaters, T-shirts, cropped tops, tops, hoodies or even blouses look fantastic with you. The stretch jeans offer you another advantage: If you want to tuck the blouses or T-shirts into the waistband, you won't have a problem, because the jeans also nestle perfectly around the respective item of clothing. They are not visible under the pants and give you a great figure.

By the way, there are also shorts from the stretch jeans. They are very comfortable, especially in summer, because you can go running or cycling with them. Because they go along with every movement, the look always looks good and you have the freedom to move around the way you want - with no restrictions on getting from an item of clothing.

Anyone who still relies on beautiful accessories and rounds off the outfit with a bag has done everything right. High shoes ensure long legs, comfortable shoes for a cozy look. Depending on which stretch jeans you have chosen, you can combine them as you want. At least there are no limits to your styling.