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20 Best Shopify Themes with Beautiful Ecommerce Themes

When it comes to e-commerce, the design of your website plays a crucial role. This can cause your website to generate sales or make a break.

While you are probably looking to get your new website up and running as soon as possible, it is important to first select the right ecommerce platform and website design to work with.

Shopify is a leading eCommerce website solution, and we can work with a number of beautiful, feature-rich themes. Whether you need a theme for your own online shop or want to use it for your next customer website project, we have the right solution for you.

Shopify eCommerce Theme Features

Not only should your online store be integrated with your brand, but also some important features that will make your website stand out and delight your visitors. When buying a Shopify ecommerce design, make sure they have the following features:

  • modern, clean and easily customizable
  • Cross-browser compatibility, responsive design and SEO friendly
  • Customer support, quality coding, and great reviews
  • Integrated control panel for custom settings that allows you to change the template to your liking

All of these features and more can be found in our eCommerce Shopify themes on Envato Market and Elements. Here's a quick look at our top-selling Shopify themes from the past year:

Best Selling Shopify Themes in the Envato Market

With a high quality Shopify theme, start your online store with a great ecommerce design solution. All you need is to set it up, add your branding, add custom product information, and start optimizing for online sales.

Best Shopify themes

In this post, we've updated our list of the 20+ best Shopify themes from the last year in the Envato market, all of which will help make your website stand out and increase your ecommerce sales.

1. Gecko - Responsive Shopify Theme

Gecko is a responsive Shopify theme with a number of slightly different homepages and layouts. It's clear and inviting, and leverages all of Shopify's selling features.

Gecko offers a powerful themed window, a range of short codes, product packages, and even integration with Instagram. Recently updated, Gecko also offers access to reduced usage of Ryviu, the popular platform for product reviews.

Gecko - Responsive Shopify Theme

2. Fastor

Under the sign of Fastor 2.0, this multipurpose design has received numerous updates since the original version. It's now faster, with less complexity, and support for Shopify features (like Shopify Sections) has been added. Choose from a wide variety of skins, including five recently added examples like the sports demo shown below. The team behind Fastor has also released improved documentation with complete video solutions and tutorials.

Fastor - Multipurpose Shopify sections

3. Shopier

Shopier (or "The Shopier") was founded as a WordPress WooCommerce theme and, thanks to its success, has now also made its way into the world of Shopify. It encompasses everything Shopify has to offer, including some stylistic options that will suit many types of online stores. Whether you want to sell electronics, clothing, perishable goods, furniture, perfume, Shopier has your back.

SHOPIER | Creative Multipurpose Shopify Theme - Fashion, Supermarket, Electronics, Minimal

4. Jasper

Jasper uses six basic layouts, combined with full-width or box variations, as well as all of the options available through Shopify Sections, to create a diverse range of theme options. The product page options are particularly interesting, and there are a number of widgets such as product quick view, mailing list pop-up windows, a currency switcher, and scrolling which makes the overall design move a bit.

Jasper - Drag and drop Shopify theme with cuts

5. Banita - Shopify Theme

Banita is a multi-concept Shopify theme that works well for all types of ecommerce projects (see the items page for examples of online stores using this template in the wild). Strong and full of youthful zing, your shop will demand attention if it has one of the ten pre-made homepage layouts from Banita.

Banita - Shopify Theme

6. Boutique - Responsive Shopify theme

Boutique has poise, cold, tough style and a touch of raw finesse. Despite being a fashion store, the clean lines could suit a wide range of store styles. Check out the demo to get a better idea of ​​how it could fit your ecommerce project.

Boutique - Responsive Shopify theme

7. I one

Pastel colors and sharp edges are the name of the game for iOne. Its twelve demos show the clean aesthetics perfectly, offer you standard solutions and inspiration for your own adjustments. The theme offers a number of unique built-in functions, such as: B. Instant change of list / grid, AJAX paging and toolbar, sticky menu, alternate images, lazy loading, product zoom, off-canvas menu and much more.

iOne - Minimally Responsive Shopify Design via Drag & Drop

8. Foodly - Shopify grocery from a single source

The Best Health & Beauty Shopify Theme by Envato Staff appeals to Foodly when it comes to customers who value quality and clarity. Its homepage puts shoppers in the control user experience after pioneering the design process.

Foodly is a Shopify theme which is a filling menu. The culinary specialties include the recipe articles and the “Nutrition Value” section. Enjoy your meal, baby.

Foodly - Shopify grocery from a single source

9. Simolux

Simolux is a modern online fashion house. Aside from the useful features you'd expect from any Shopify store and the warm, feminine visuals, Simolux's popularity is actually down to the documentation and customer service provided by gredThemes.

Simolux - Responsive Shopify theme

10. material

Material is a versatile, responsive ecommerce design suitable for any type of online store. It has a mega menu, an advanced filter module that your customers can use to sort products by size, color or price.

This Shopify theme also includes multiple widgets, built-in customization options, a beautiful lookbook, and many more features. It should be noted that in Material you also enable adding videos in the slider as well as social sharing functions.

Material - Responsive Shopify theme

11. Everything

If you're looking for a really versatile subject, you've come to the right place. With 50 different designs, this theme is suitable for all types of ecommerce websites - from the kids fashion store to the luxury watch store to the high tech store.

It offers an attractive design, advanced product filters, a mega menu, several slide shows with different effects, extensive snippet support, customization options and much more. With a feature set like this, Everything is a great starting point for any ecommerce website you're looking to launch.

Everything - Multipurpose Premium Responsive Shopify Themes

12. Hosors

Hosoren is a clean, sleek ecommerce template designed specifically for professional online stores. The design offers a beautiful screen slider, two product styles and four portfolio styles, unlimited color options and the ability to display multimedia content accordingly.

It's retina-ready, fully engaging, and optimized for mobile devices to ensure your website looks gorgeous and runs smoothly on all modern devices. This will give your users an amazing viewing experience while they shop.

Hosors - Responsive Shopify Template

13. Puro

With a minimalist design, Puro is a theme that elegantly presents your shop across all devices and screen sizes. This theme gives your store a luxurious and attractive feel.

The functions of the theme include advanced filter functions, mega-menus, slide shows, pop-up windows for quick views, wishlist pages, Google Maps, newsletter integration and much more.

Puro - Responsive Shopify theme

14. Logancee

Logancee is the perfect combination of a clean, modern design with many functions. The design includes fifteen unique homepage designs, unlimited header styles, unlimited color schemes, a responsive design, integration with Google Fonts, buttons for sharing on social media, product variants and more. It's SEO optimized too, another perk when choosing an ecommerce design.

Logancee - Responsive Ecommerce Shopify Template

15. AP Next Store

AP Next Store is a feature-rich theme. With the ability to install the demo content with one click, you'll be able to get your website up and running in minutes before jumping into the customization options. The theme is fully engaging, with six different layout options and short codes for adding buttons, YouTube, Facebook, product lists, sliders, and more to your pages.

In addition, there are numerous customization options, wish list pages, quick view pop-up windows, Google Maps integration, social media integration and much more. AP Next Store is definitely a theme that will satisfy anyone who wants a lot of control over the layout and design of their website.

AP Next Store - Flexible Shopify theme

16. Jemiz

Jemiz is the perfect theme for a fashion ecommerce website. The features of the theme include a responsive design, color fields on product pages, wish list pages, several beautiful, responsive slideshows, custom list collections, customer reviews, the integration of newsletters with MailChimp and much more.

With the customization options you can adjust the color scheme and design the checkout and customer area as well as upload your own logo if necessary. Other features include related products at the bottom of individual product pages. custom static pages like Contact Us, About Us, 404, FAQs, and Testimonials; and much more than we can push here.

Jemiz - Creative Fashion Shopify Theme

17. Home market

Home Market is a good choice for any ecommerce website that has a large inventory. The main theme of the theme is that you can quickly and easily browse through all of the categories and products that your store has to offer.

Features include responsive design, unlimited color options, flexible layouts, integration with Google Fonts and Font Awesome, a light box login module, mega menus, sidebar filtering, and more.

Home Market - Versatile Shopify theme

18. Everest

Everest is a versatile Shopify design with eight different homepage layouts and SEO-optimized code. The design is perfect for any location from high-end jewelry stores to fashion and accessory stores. The theme has tons of customization options through the advanced admin panel, and the built-in slider is designed to put your products in the spotlight.

In addition to features like mega menus, quick view, zoom, newsletter popup, related products, and cross-selling sliders, Everest also offers custom captions, bestsellers, and a parallax effect widget to give users an extra touch on your website.

Everest - Shopify Responsive Multipurpose Design

19. Practical

Cell phone is a stylish, engaging, and easy-to-use Shopify theme. It is a great choice if you are looking to start a handmade products business.

The design includes numerous functions, such as a ready-to-use layout configurator with which you can create custom layouts, a mega menu, an EU data protection cookie, a video slide show, live search, a wish list, and a MailChimp integration , social networks and much more.

Thanks to the admin panel, you can customize all of the colors and change the fonts throughout the design. Make your shop online with this lovely Shopify theme.

Mobile Phone - Craft Store Shopify Theme

20. Peacock

Peacock is a versatile, responsive Shopify theme that works for any niche. The theme includes features like SEO optimization, automatic search for suggestions, recently viewed product history, advanced product filters, and a shipping cost calculator.

It also includes a pre-load screen, wish list, frequently asked questions (FAQs), testimonials and review pages, plus integration of MailChimp, slideshows, color variations and more. Show off your products online with this attractive Shopify theme.

Peacock - Responsive Shopify Theme

4 Best Practices for Ecommerce Websites

Choosing the right design for your ecommerce website is only the first step in your journey. If you want to get the most out of your online store, here are four tips to help you optimize your website and make sure your online store is off to a great start.

  1. Harness the power of SEO - There are a number of improvements on your website that you can improve to improve the visibility of your search engine and make it easier to find people. These improvements include adding a blog to your online store answering potential questions from your shopper, clear and informative product descriptions, adding alternate text to your product images, using short and descriptive URLs, and making your website load quickly.
  2. Include strong copy - Make sure you have a clear and compelling call-to-action on your home page, and that your copy makes it clear what your brand and business is about, as well as product reviews and testimonials. And describe your eCommerce products to help them sell.
  3. Help buyers find what they want - Add your main categories to the main navigation and make sure the search box is clearly visible. Be sure to add related products on each product page
  4. Reduce abandoned shopping carts - There is nothing worse than a customer who finishes a purchase before they check out. Make sure all of your prices are clearly stated in advance and consider free shipping for a certain cart value. Another great option is the satisfaction guarantee and auto-restoration of the cart, as well as adding a live chat option to your website.

Start your ecommerce site with a great Shopify design

Running an online store is an exciting business. It shouldn't be taken lightly, however, as some things can go wrong if you start on the wrong foot.

Your website design is a critical element to your ecommerce success and should be done the first time. Check out our best eCommerce Shopify designs to start your online store with an effective design.