How long does a 5000 car last

Tech question driving time: Large LiPo batteries


As I had already written in my imagination, I have no idea about lipo and brushless. My last Elo was ages ago, back then there were only NiMh and brush motors and the batteries were empty after about 6-8 minutes.

So I would be interested to know how long you drive on one battery charge.

There are many YouTube videos about RTR models, but unfortunately nobody talks about the travel time.

I also realize that you can't give very precise information about this, but roughly it would help me further.

Let's say a 1: 8 RTR off-road model with about 2000kv motor and 5000 mAh battery, without tuning.

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It all depends on how you deal with the gas when you shoot back and forth with full power, the battery lasts about 10-15 minutes.
But if you slowly walk through the area then you can also make about 25 minutes!
Of course, it also depends on how the lipo cutoff is set, how old the battery is, temperature also makes a lot of difference and and and.
Thanks for the answer.

That helps me a lot.

I wanted to get 10,000mAh batteries, so you can drive about 30-50min, right ???

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Better get two 5000 batteries that will be cheaper and if one breaks you still have one that is intact
In addition, the electronics are happy to have a short break to cool off when changing the battery

If I take 5000 mAh, I have to change much more often.

So I thought 2x 10,000mAh = long driving time.

I don't feel like changing the batteries every few minutes, I used to do that.

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@Bambam: There are affordable 2S with 10,000 mAh at HK.

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@aircooled: Can't you drive that long, does the electronics overheat?

I want to drive a 6S model with 4S.

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You want to drive 6s with 10000mah, that would be at least 2 x3s with 10000mah each ...
I only assumed 4s ...

You also need to consider the c rate. ...
In your case, I would not buy under 60c anyway ..
Which car should it be?
No, I want to drive 2x 2S = 4S with 10,000 mAh each.

Because of the C rate, I can't look at the moment because the HK page is being maintained.

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Unfortunately, I can't check whether the batteries fit right now.

I wanted to hear that, I also thought to myself that the electronics on the 4S cannot be stressed that much and therefore do not overheat so quickly.

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Well .... Even on 4s, the part can get hot if the terrain is right. But that's all if and but .....