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SQL Server 2019 - editions comparison

featureexpressdefaultEnterpriseBig data cluster, intelligent database SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters with Apache Spark and HDFS built in the SQL Server engine–✓✓Data virtualization with PolyBase (also includes databases such as Oracle, Teradata, MongoDB, and other SQL servers)–✓✓Unified AI platform: Train and operationalize models with SQL Server ML Service✓✓✓Basic machine learning integration: connectivity to open source Python and R, limited parallelism✓✓✓Advanced machine learning integration: Complete parallelism of R and Python analytics and the possibility of execution on GPUs––✓Adaptive query processing✓–✓Machine Learning for Hadoop / Spark and Machine Learning for Linux, a Software Assurance benefit––✓Programming language and platform UTF-8 Support, Support for SQL Server Java extension✓✓✓Kubernetes support––✓Performance and availability Free asynchronous replica on Azure VMs for disaster recovery–✓✓In-memory database: memory-optimized tempdb––✓Advanced OLTP: In-memory OLTP, operational analysis✓✓✓In-memory column store✓✓✓Stretch Database––✓Calculation groups in tabular models––✓Faster database recovery✓✓✓Basic High Availability: Failover in a single database with two nodes, unreadable secondary replica–✓✓Enhanced High Availability: Always On Availability Groups, Failover to Multiple Databases, Readable Secondary Replicas––✓Basic Business Intelligence for Enterprises: Basic Multi-Dimensional Models, Basic Tabular Model, In-Memory Storage Mode–✓✓Enhanced Business Intelligence for Enterprises: Enhanced Multidimensional Models, Enhanced Tabular Model, DirectQuery Storage Mode, Enhanced Data Mining––✓Unlimited virtualization, a Software Assurance benefit––✓security Weak point analysis✓✓✓Data discovery and classification––✓Basic reporting and analytics✓–✓Compatibility reports with SQL Server Audit✓✓✓Advanced Security: Always Encrypted, Row Level Security, Data Masking, Granular Verification✓✓✓Always Encrypted with Secure Enclaves––✓Transparent data encryption–✓✓Mobile reports and KPIs––✓Management, dashboards and tools Programmability and development tools: T-SQL, SQL CLR, Service Broker, JSON, XML, support of diagram data✓✓✓Manageability: Management Studio, policy-based management✓✓✓Advanced data integration: fuzzy grouping and lookups✓–✓Data marts and data warehousing: partitioning, data compression, data change capture, database snapshot✓✓✓Enterprise Data Management: Master Data Services, Data Quality Services✓–✓Basic data integration: SQL Server Integration Services, integrated connectors–✓✓Azure Data Studio for managing the SQL Server including support for T-SQL with a notebook✓✓✓Access to Power BI Report Server, a Software Assurance benefit––✓