Is Amazon the new Apple

Amazon agrees with Apple: New feature for Prime Video

Simon Lohmann

The new feature in the Amazon Prime Video app is nothing new, so that one might ask: "How? The feature is only available now?". The innovation will make things a lot easier for customers of the Amazon streaming service - and Amazon will also benefit from it more than ever.

EnlargeAmazon has reached an agreement with Apple and is now introducing a new feature.

Users of the Amazon Prime Video app can now buy or rent TV shows and films directly in the app for iOS devices or via Apple TV. When you open the app on your iOS device, a note about the new function appears, which looks like this:

EnlargeYou can now rent or buy films and series in the Prime Video app.

Amazon has not yet supported this option. This is due to Apple's rules for the App Store: According to this, developers should use Apple's in-app purchase system for digital content. That also means that they have to cede 15% to 30% of the revenue to Apple. However, Amazon Prime Video is an exception. If you have set up a payment method on Amazon, you can now also use this to make in-app purchases in the Prime Video app. If not, use Apple In-App Purchase.

Customers can now finally use premium content from Amazon Prime Video directly in the native apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Although it was possible to watch films and series that had been bought or rented before using the app, the process was much more complicated than it is now. In the past, users had to buy the TV show or film through Safari or an app on another platform.

Armistice between Apple and Amazon?

Apparently, Apple and Amazon have made a special deal - something not currently offered to all developers. Apple and Amazon have deepened their corporate relationships in recent years, as reported by 9to5Mac. Apple has now also set up an official product page on Amazon, with Amazon having agreed to remove all third-party retailers. Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple Podcasts have also recently been supported by Amazon's smart home devices.

Have Apple and Amazon announced a ceasefire and signed a special deal? If so, the only question is whether such concessions will also be granted to other large companies such as Netflix and Spotify. They have also complained about Apple's guidelines in the past.


While smaller app developers either like to use Apple's payment system or are forced to, because Apple takes on the administrative burden and there is no alternative for the users themselves, the fees in the App Store are often a thorn in the side of the big providers, as they have to be part of their digital Pay sales to Apple. Apple's guidelines also stipulate that an app developer may not link to an identical offer outside of the App Store in the app. Large operators try to deal with this in different ways: In the Netflix app, there is no possibility to register for the subscription, only a registration with the already existing data is possible. At Amazon you had to buy content on the website right up until the end and then access it in the TV app or on the iPad, YouTube requires more for digital subscriptions in the App Store than in the Google Play Store. The fact that Apple and Amazon have agreed on a satisfactory solution could point to a loosening of Apple's strategy in terms of the App Store and its fees. For years, developers like Spotify have been complaining that Apple is hindering competition.