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The right time to get started

When is the right time to get started? Pretty much anyone who wants to start playing American football asks this question. And the answers are not that easy at all. It depends on when you want to start.

In principle, every team is happy to welcome interested parties and newcomers at any time. Of course, there is also an active season in American football, the pre-season phase and a somewhat quieter phase in which entry is possible. Depending on the point in time, you have to be prepared for a few points in order to be able to integrate smoothly into a team:

January - March (before the season)
During this time, many teams organize their tryouts, i.e. an intensive trial training session in which everyone is invited and welcomed. Typical football exercises are carried out here at various stations.

At this point you only need sports equipment, i.e. a pair of sturdy shoes, short or long trousers and a T-shirt and / or, depending on the weather, maybe a hooded sweater.
Many teams offer rental equipment for these events in order to be able to carry out exercises where protection is needed.

The program and the equipment are very different from club to club. Attention is often drawn to the tryout in advance on the club's website, Facebook or Instagram.

The time before the season and especially the tryout are of course very good for getting started. This is where the theoretical and practical basics are created, and the physical condition is not neglected during this time. With concentration and ambition, in a few months you might actually be part of the team on the field.

April - September (during the season)
During this time, the teams are busy preparing for the first and the next game. Getting started is not a problem at this time either, but it is not easy for the teams to optimally integrate newcomers into the already established processes. The warm-up must run efficiently so that there is enough time for repeating moves and certain situations. After warming up, the various positions such as receiver, line etc. go into position-specific "drills" (exercises). As a beginner with no experience, it can therefore be difficult to make connections at first. The best thing to do is to contact the head coach directly beforehand, this will ensure that your first training session will be a success.

But even this time is suitable for starting, despite the obstacles. You can see the general process and the game operations without pressure and prepare yourself for your first season.

October - December (depending on the season)
Most teams have had the season behind them. In Germany there is still the German Bowl, the youth tournament and a few catch-up or relegation games, but most teams take a break in October and November. The American football season is exhausting, so a little break is good for everyone.

More and more teams are already offering their first tryouts during this period. In winter, many teams have to switch to normal sports halls, here they work on the physical principles and the position-specific processes. This is the ideal time to start playing American football.

Are you interested in American Football?
Then you should find out about the equipment you need and the prices. It makes sense to try on a helmet and a shoulder pad in the club to determine your own sizes. Inquire with the team supervisors as to whether rental equipment in a suitable size is available.

Unlimited Football - April 18, 2019

All clubs help newcomers. (© Rostock Griffins)

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