How do shrimp heads taste

TIM RAUE reveals what you should know about shrimp : The tank cracker

Some things only work under pressure. The star chef grabs the thawed shrimp's eye between thumb and forefinger and lets it slide across his kitchen. “Oh,” says Tim Raue soberly. "They're not that bad."

If the eyes haven't dried out yet, someone has at least frozen the prawns fresh, says Raue. This identifies frozen goods that are not quite so inferior. Apparently like this one that he ordered from a wholesaler for this test.

Tim Raue, who tried prawns around the world, who extinguished live prawns in a pan with cognac, who had his awakening experience on Mallorca in 1997 with carabineros, red deep-sea prawns for 120 euros a kilo, he shows how to recognize the quality of a prawn. He lets Schäfer's fresh shrimp (see article above) compete against frozen goods. The biggest disadvantage: Freezing creates ice crystals that damage the cell when thawed. The result: fluid loss.

Raue removes the head: the brain must not smear. He removes the crusts of the animals, he removes the intestines. "But we always leave the last link of the tank on." Because of the beauty. And because you can touch the shrimp so well.

Fresh prawns only last two days. Then the egg white begins to break down into a pulp. In Germany, people have become so used to frozen food and cheap prices that hardly anyone recognizes the differences in the consistency of meat, says Raue. And not the taste either.

He can no longer eat really cheap. Not even for trial purposes. The cheapest frozen goods look as if the animals had been individually painted, Raue describes their taste as something that alternates between cleaning water and a medicinal note.

The cheap stuff doesn't even contract when it is cooked, which is how they changed the cell structures during breeding. But that also means that the quality of the meat cannot be seen with the naked eye.

We therefore have to try: The meat of the thawed shrimp is not of a consistently firm consistency, it drifts apart in large pieces in the mouth. The good ones give an even resistance.

Raue has fried some in a pan, steamed others, and cooked others in water. "The pink meat is actually a very sensitive meat," says Raue. Ideally, in order to do justice to the tenderness of the meat and to get a taste of the animals' own taste, place them with the crusts in boiling water for a few seconds until they are completely reddened. 15-20 seconds just so they don't get too dry. The crusts protect the aroma. For seasoning, for tasting, they are then quickly tossed in a pan.

And the recipe? - Sends Raue later by mobile phone:

400 gr. peeled, deveined shrimp

100 gr. clarified butter

4 tbsp. finely chopped spring onions

4 tbsp. very finely diced ginger

Heat the butter in a large pan and cook the prawns in it over medium heat. Finally add the ginger and spring onions and serve immediately. I always add a shot of “Hot Spice Maggi” from China (only available from Orientmaster in Kantstrasse)! ded

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