Can I have my short film reviewed?


Ema breaks every convention as an adoptive mother, wife and dancer. A modern reggaeton dance fairy tale.

Blumhouse's The Witches Club

Four young witches fight toxic masculinity. Exciting mix of girly fantasy and a mirror of society.


Old Dolio has been tricking her parents for as long as she can remember. But do they even see her as a daughter or just an accomplice?

The Underground Railroad

Miniseries about a young black slave who flees from her oppressors. Hard, intelligent and absolutely thrilling home theater.

The gruesome house

It's haunted here! 16-year-old Hendrik and his brother Eddi awaken the ghosts of the past in their new home.

And tomorrow the whole world

Current, political drama by Julia von Heinz about the question of whether left violence against the right is justified.

More than 60 million people are currently on the move worldwide, more than ever before. We are currently dealing with the issue of migration in a special way. The topics of migration and integration have been topical over the decades. Accordingly, they were treated intensively on film. Our migration-in-film microsite presents 16 children's films and 81 youth films on this topic, supplemented by a lot of useful information for cultural work, media work and film education.

About cinema world

We like the cinema! On the outside and on what you can bring home. And so that one thing is clear: 08/15 is not enough for us! We're looking for films and series with that special kick. Means that on KinoFilmWelt the special takes precedence over what has been chewed through. And if something doesn't convince us after all, we'll tell you!

Will you come to the same conclusion as we did? Good question. Find out for yourself. You can read about exactly what makes the kick for us in our reviews. Why are we doing this? Well, because we are quite simply nerds and want to make sure that no highlight goes by the rag.

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