What is Chopin's legacy among pianists

Frédéric Chopin as an artist

A child with talent

Little Fryderyk not only surpassed his older sister in dexterity and easily found all the melodies on the keys, but also improvised himself.

A cliché of a Chopin

Didn't Chopin's audience understand him? Here you get an insight into the ambivalent world of salons.

Often copied but never matched

Some imitators have taken works by Chopin as models. What became of this material?

A respected teacher

Tuition was something he couldn't easily avoid, in his capacity as an artist and with his social accessories in Paris.

Chopin in Salzburg

The creator of modern piano playing visited Salzburg in 1831. He stayed in town for four days.


Chopin as a pianist

Chopin was not a concert pianist in the strict sense of the word. He has not given more than 30 concerts in his life.

John Fields Influence on Chopin

Even before Chopin's lifetime, the Irishman John Field, who created a new style of music with the style brilliant, dedicated himself to the nocturnes.

Chopin's legacy

Chopin's Music and Significance for Posterity

Thirtiest birthday

This day was certainly an occasion for Chopin to take stock.

Development of a piano school

Chopin always wanted to write a piano school: In his notes, for example, he recommends that scale exercises always begin in G major, as the black keys are more comfortable for the long fingers.