What are some good mixes for Hennessy

Mixing Hennessy: The Best Cognac Recipes

You can mix a fine cognac like Hennessy like any other spirit. You can find the best recipes here with us.

Mix the Hennessy with the cherry juice

With good ingredients, you can create delicious alcoholic beverages. In our first recipe we mix with cherry juice.

  • Have a good cherry juice and some whipped cream on hand. Spray cream is a good choice, but homemade whipped cream tastes better.
  • Pour 2 cl Hennessy into a cognac glass and add 5 to 6 cl cherry juice. Top off the drink with a whipped cream top. If you want to increase the amount, add 10 to 12 cl cherry juice and a slightly larger blob of cream to 4 cl Hennessy.
  • Lightly stir the drink once or twice so that the color mix of white and red comes into its own.

Delicious drink recipe: Cognac with Escorial

The preparation of the drink requires a little skill.

  • Pour 3 to 4 cl Hennessy into a straight glass with a wide open top. Now carefully add brown or white sugar to the cognac. Icing sugar is best here. Just sprinkle this very carefully on the alcohol.
  • If the cognac is well covered with sugar, take a lighter and "harden" the sugar until it is light brown.
  • Then add 1 to 2 cl Escorial to the sugar mass with a coffee spoon. When it is distributed, light it and let the sugar melt as much as possible.
  • When the streaks of alcohol from the Escorial "pull" into the Hennessy, drink it in small sips. Pay attention to the possible heat of the glass and the escorial.

Hennessy and chocolate - that goes very well

An unusual variation is the "layering" of the cognac.

  • Take 20 to 30 grams of chocolate per drink and melt them.
  • Then pour the chocolate into a slightly preheated glass that tapers at the bottom. Wait five to seven seconds and pour 4 cl Hennessy on the chocolate.
  • Then put a 3 to 5 mm thick layer of whipped cream on the Hennessy. This is in turn 2 cl of Hennessy. Put a little cream crown here and decorate it with a dot of chocolate.
  • Hold the glass in both hands while drinking. A warmer can also be used to keep the drink supple. At the end you look forward to "spooning out" the delicacy.
  • By the way: You can also refine the recipe with the chocolate with chilli. Then, however, dark chocolate is more suitable.

In our next post, we'll show you how to mix amaretto.