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"Psycho" - 1998

Crime couch special by Marcel Scharrenbroich

In 1998 THAT happened, which nobody had really expected and which nobody really asked about ... Alfred Hitchcock's untouchable thriller classic was "re-filmed!" Old hat in Hollywood and nowadays the majority of all new cinema releases consist only of sequels and remakes, but there are things that you should keep your hands off of: "Back to the future" for example. The creators of the cult trilogy have stipulated in their wills that even after their death the rights may not be surrendered, but you never know what will happen when the studio boss is personally standing on the mat with the bulging suitcase. So, should it ever come to that, I personally drive to the people in charge and eat the script in front of them ... including all existing copies. I don't stop at hard drives and USB sticks either! While we're at it, please NEVER touch my favorite comedy "My Devilish Neighbors". As I know Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy would then play the leading roles ... and Adam Sandler the sardine connoisseur Hans.

Of course, there are also positive remake examples, such as David Cronenberg's “Die Fliege”, Brian De Palma's “Scarface” or John Carpenter's sci-fi masterpiece “The Thing”. The remake of "Psycho" does NOT belong to this category! What's more, it is probably the most unnecessary remake that has ever seen the light of day. Director Gus Van Sant, who shot music videos for David Bowie, Elton John and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and directed the award-winning dramas "Good Will Hunting", "Forrester - Found!" And "Milk", supported refers to the script by Joseph Stefano, which Alfred Hitchcock used for his version. In 1998 a clumsy 1: 1 copy of the classic came into the cinemas, which seemed uninspired and lacking in ideas. Van Sant's decal could not even come close to the original. Copying a classic scene by scene was the unsuccessful attempt to elicit new impulses from the remake trend ... which fortunately failed thoroughly. Maybe I don't really understand the point of a remake, but shouldn't it be the case that a remake prepares a certain subject for a new audience, a new generation? More contemporary? Working out new aspects and possibly setting the focus differently? Have you given a work your own signature? THAT would make sense ... not mess up a 40-year-old script and try to compete with a master director whose class you can't reach anyway and who you can't even imitate.

So it happened that both the audience and the critics vigorously wiped off “Psycho” and in the end it even rained anti-Oscars - the “Golden Raspberry” - for the more than unnecessary production. Even seasoned actors like Vince Vaughn, who as Norman Bates was closer to the novel by Robert Bloch, but is charismatically inferior to Anthony Perkins, could also play Anne Heche in the role of Marion Crane, for whom it was also a “Razzie “Nomination as worst actress and the always welcome William H. Macy as Detective Milton Arbogast can no longer save anything. There was really no lack of star power, especially since Julianne Moore, Viggo Mortensen and Robert Forster were part of the cast, which proves that you can cram half Hollywood into a film, but it still hits the wall at full throttle if it does there is a lack of initiative and, above all, creativity. And in a banal 1: 1 adaptation you won't find either. We viewers look at each other quite a bit, are happy to be open to new, fresh ideas and, God knows, have bought cinema tickets for a lot of junk… but we don't let ourselves be fooled. I've finished.

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Even before “The Birds” nibbled on Miss Hedren, filmmaker Sir Alfred Hitchcock let loose another boy with an ornithological interest on the unsuspecting moviegoers. An inconspicuous, charming mothers son whose remote motel was just waiting for fresh customers ...

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