How do you stop feeling so alone

What to do when you're single and sad and want a partner.

Since the bookstores and the internet offer a wealth of advice and tips on how to find the perfect partner as a single (and then keep him!), I wanted to share a few things about it with you.

I am convinced that there is hardly a more beautiful and important time in life than being single:
In the first part of the "What to do when you're single and sad and want a partner.“- Written series.
In this text I also go into how important this part of your life is for a later partnership, and how I personally live it.

This deep truth will set you free from looking, waiting, hoping and yearning - and that is exactly what I want for you.
I don't want my love ambassadors to have to live in an attitude of want and desire for even a single day, or even be satisfied with a compromise just because they have "finally found someone".
This is not the league we play in.

But what exactly happens when you sit alone on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon and do not know what to do with you and your life (while ALL the world is happily smooching outside), and instead of potential good-looking, intelligent and wealthy boyfriend candidates, thoughts of loneliness and - feel like giving the handle in my hand?

I can help, namely ...

If feelings of loneliness knock on your door, then this is what I would do:

1. Check to see if you may still be struggling with lovesickness, wanting your ex back, and feeling lonely as a result.
If that is the case, read HERE further.

2. If this is not the case, I would avoid anything that puts you in a romantic, soulful mood.
Don't listen to songs that make you dream of a boyfriend, don't watch YouTube videos / films / series that reinforce the desire (by the way, you know exactly what triggers this mood in you).
Do not follow accounts that rave about their perfect relationship ("without you I would be ... only with you can / I am ..."), and like "All my life, I prayed for someone like you" -like it is, someone on his Side to have.
And no one who longs for a partner, and / or constantly dates, or who make the topic of partner search their focus.

Instead, surround yourself - in real life and virtually - with women who have a passion, create something creative, work as entrepreneurs, travel the world alone or lead a fulfilling life in general, the focus of which is not on the partnership (whether it is there or not , is of secondary importance).

Otherwise it is like if you just want a Seychelles vacation, but cannot afford one for an indefinite period of time, and constantly looking at Seychelles pictures: IT DOESN'T GET BETTER.

The input determines the output, so change what you feed your brain with.

And do it consciously and actively.

In certain traditional cultures (e.g. the Indian) or social circles (e.g. strongly religious) a partnership is a MUST - this means that you are under even more pressure of expectation and are regretted by everyone (seriously!), Because you “ has not yet worked ”.
Or maybe you are "too demanding." There are so many good men after all?

This is very unhealthy and counterproductive, creates a kind of pressure to act, and has absolutely nothing to do with love.
Never make such an important decision just so that others can finally calm down or be satisfied with you.
This is not about a Christmas dinner with grandma - this is about your entire future.

3.If you are feeling acutely sad or lonely at the moment, then I will give you some serious advice:
reading Love message.
No joke.
No self-promotion.

If I wasn't the author by any chance, I would be reading Love Messages as well, for a reason:

Every inspiration post - it doesn't matter whether the topic fits or not! - is so saturated with love, courage to live, penetrative power and positive expectation for the future that you are guaranteed to get caught at some point.

Input determines the output, do you remember?

You can of course actively do new things to distract yourself, and that isn't always wrong.
In addition and above all, I would make an announcement to loneliness:
And not so half-heartedly. “I don't want to feel lonely now. Oh, it didn't work out. I feel lonely.".

But get up inside and DON'T LIKE THIS.
What is it that allows loneliness to chat cheekily into your life ?!
Are you crazy?!
I would make a short work and throw loneliness in a high arc out of my apartment, my brain and my heart - should it be up to mischief somewhere else (on Mars, for example).

You don't let every criminal into your bedroom either - so don't go to your (nicely made) bed with loneliness and don't wake up lonely.
Do not play with thoughts of loneliness, but forbid such mental excursions - CONSCIOUSLY direct your focus on something else.

If you are mine you are never lonely.
And if your feelings and thoughts tell you that, then that is a LIE.

And in this way you make short work of it.


Finally, a few evergreens of the devil, which always work, and with which he has been celebrating great successes not just since yesterday.


By the way:
These sure-fire successes only work if they are formulated in the "I-form".

You will never hear the sentence:
Hellooooo, I am the devil. And I want to tell you that you are too demanding.
Instead you will think:
I am too demanding.
Do we understand the principle?

Sometimes you actually get it in the "you" form ("You are too demanding.“) Hear from relatives, friends or persons in authority - that is a very lousy variant.

Well then, let's go:

I am too demanding. If I were less complicated, I would have a boyfriend long ago. "
Note: Your claim corresponds to your LIFE.
So you should lower the standard of self-love, respect, joie de vivre and happiness in return for sex, possible financial improvement, cuddling on the sofa and not standing alone at parties?
With a thought like that, I would raise my standards by one step.
Only the best for you. In every area.

Oh yes, you may actually be too complicated.
Then it is all the more important that you don't have a boyfriend (with whom it gets EVEN more complicated), but first find out for yourself how your life will be easy.

EVERYONE is in a happy relationship, JUST ME.“
Many are in a relationship, yes.
There can be no question of happy.

And a million times rather no relationship than an unhappy one.

I will NEVER find anyone and die alone. If I really need someone, nobody will be there.

OK. listen carefully to me now, because what I am writing now is extremely important:
this primal fear that at the crucial moment no one will be there to help is deeper than you think.
And with me you will say goodbye to her now, here and today for all time.

A love ambassador will ALWAYS get help when she needs it.
Love never lets you down.
There has never been a case like this before, where someone trusts love and is then stupid.

No matter what your experiences tell you, no matter what grandma says, no matter how many times you've been let down:
It's different now.
In love we are never alone when we really need help.
If you have no help at the moment, you are able to cope with the situation on your own and grow enormously with it.


By the way:
Having a partner just so that you are not alone in an emergency is a really shaky security.
I would never rely on a human.

There are so many great women who are more beautiful, younger, more talented, more amazing than me: how am I supposed to find a partner? My chances are bad and I should grab it before I CANNOT find ANYONE. "

It is like this with a love ambassador:
You are unrivaled.
You don't know any competition - because a man who prefers another woman to you is not worth a second of your time.
BE GLAD, if that happens, then at least you have clear relationships.

Someone who belongs by your side will always find you:
without cramps, without desires, without longing, without drama, without “Did I answer something wrong on WhatsApp?”, without games, without brackets, without exerting pressure and crying, and all that emotional sauce.
This is all very undignified and does not suit you at all.

Instead, you enjoy your life, celebrate every second, and whoever belongs to you you will never miss.
I Agree?

Love greetings