What is the application log


Application logs allow data to be exchanged between the applications. The most common Application logs are: APPC, FTAM, X400, X500, SMTP, FTP, SNMP, Telnet, SMB, NCP, and DAP.
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Because SSL at the level of the ~ every application protocol must explicitly master SSL. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) becomes HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). It is also possible to access e-mails via SSL from the POP3 server or to transmit them to the SMTP server.

For example, an event viewer contains information about ~n, security and system-relevant data as well as information about the DNS server and replication service. The log size of the event viewer is limited, but can be configured individually.

An ALG is a software function for the administration of ~n like SIP or FTP and works as an intermediary and controls access from the endpoint to the application server. It analyzes the network traffic and uses dynamic rules to distribute the resources via the gateway.
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This can include, for example, a conversion of the data or simply a compression / decompression of the data.
Application layer This is the connection interface between ~n and the network such as HTTP or SMTP.

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