How are Wikipedia pages written

Create your own Wikipedia entry

Before you start writing your Wikipedia article, make sure that your planned content is not yet in any published entry. To do this, enter the subject of your planned article in the Wikipedia search bar. If there is not yet a page that deals with this specific topic, you can click on "Create“Create a new page.

Just as important as checking the main topic is the Control of the relevance criteria. Wikipedia has set up detailed and precise criteria under which conditions a topic is relevant and under which it is not. In general, a topic, event or person is considered relevant to Wikipedia if the Long-lasting importance to the public is. For the different subject categories, e.g. B. social events or business enterprises, individual criteria must be observed. Wikipedia has detailed these relevance criteria in a separate article.

You will also find the defined ones there Relevance criteria for companies. For example, Wikipedia classifies companies as relevant that have at least 1,000 full-time employees or have at least 20 locations. The point “innovative pioneering role” should be of interest to start-ups. If you are unsure whether your topic is relevant even after reviewing these criteria, you can use Wikipedia's free relevance check.