How do I meditate without feeling dizzy

Meditation dizziness?


My older brother has been threatened for a few months.

My brother and I are very close

Yesterday I got a call from my other brother out of nowhere that my brother was brutally beaten by three boys

I threw my cell phone out of my hand and just ran out barefoot and just ran and ran until I was with my brother

I saw the ambulance from afar for whatever reason I saw it across the street

I ran and ran until I realized he was on the other side after all

Once there, the perpetrators were a group of police and two ambulances

My brother's teeth were knocked out, he was thrown on the floor and his head was kicked

The sight made me vomit

I lay down in the meadow and just had to break

Since yesterday I haven't got an eye

I have a sudden cough my chest hurts suffer from severe diarrhea nausea vomiting dizziness

Today I had to go to work there, I had to think about my brother lying on the floor and being kicked on

I got a panic attack that felt like I'm falling over at any moment

The boss left me home

On the way home I made a detour because I didn't want to pass the place

And tomorrow I'll take a detour too, I can't go there anymore

Suddenly I perceive sirens was double

As soon as I hear an ambulance or a police siren ringing all the alarm bells

My brother is doing a little better the perpetrators were caught but I'm just finished

What should I do ?

Should I go to the family doctor?

Am i trauma?

Anyone experience?