What causes wet ceiling tiles

Water damage to the ceiling can be dangerous

imminent danger

The shape and location of the affected ceiling is the first essential feature for assessing water damage. When it comes to the final ceiling to the roof or the attic, precipitation is the most likely cause. In the case of false ceilings, which also represent the floor of a room above, several causes are possible.

A household appliance may have leaked or the bathtub overflowed in the upper rooms. A water pipe burst and other installation damage are also possible. The top priority after discovering the damage is to try to prevent the cause as far as possible. If acoustic signals indicate a continuous flow of water and nobody is present in the apartment, an emergency service or the fire brigade are allowed to enter.

React immediately and quickly

A professional emergency service or the fire brigade locate the water damage and immediately initiate emergency measures. As residents of the room lying under the wet ceiling, every opportunity should be taken to mitigate the damage.

In addition to collecting dripping water in containers and textiles, this includes securing water-sensitive objects and furnishings. Great care should be taken when drying the water damage during the acute course of the removal of plaster or other masonry parts.

Expensive renovation to be expected

If the water damage has occurred and the acute deterioration stops, it must be reported immediately to both the landlord and the insurance companies. If the room causing the problem has been opened by the locksmith, the caretaker or another third person, it is recommended that the police be called in to make a log.

After the professional assessment by a sworn expert, a rehabilitation plan must be drawn up. The
Repairing water damage to the ceiling is in almost all cases a very complex process that usually makes the living space uninhabitable during the work.

If you discover water damage to the ceiling that is slow to develop, inform the landlord or owner immediately and set an assessment period of a few days.

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