As the 2020 Major League Baseball season continues to be postponed with no formal plans to return as yet, the Philadelphia Phillies have released a plan to refund ticket purchases.

Fans who hold full or partial season ticket plans and those who purchased tickets online for individual games in either April or May 2020 are now being contacted by the team via email.

This is not just based on an announcement from the team. I can report from first-hand experience that it is indeed happening. As a partial season ticket holder who also made a separate online purchase of tickets for the original home opener, I actually received two emails from the team on Thursday, April 30.

In the email for the Opening Day tickets, I was offered either credit towards games later this season or for the 2021 season.

The email partially read as follows (copy-paste directly from the email):

• Receive credit for the value of those tickets and parking (if applicable) for the impacted April game(s) towards the following:
• 2021 regular season game (by leaving credit, you will receive a pre-sale opportunity for 2021 single games tickets)
• 2020 regular season game (if applicable)
• Please note, if you would like a credit, no action is necessary at this point.
• Receive a refund for the value of your tickets and parking (if applicable) for the impacted April game(s) that you purchased. To receive a refund please visit by Monday, May 11.

I originally attempted to visit that link provided in order to receive a refund. Upon going through the Phillies login process, I found that the Opening Day tickets were not listed as available for a refund. However, they still show in my ticket inventory.

This led me to try calling the Phillies ticket offices to obtain the refund. Of course, I got a recording that began by addressing the coronavirus and closing of the ticket offices. At that point, I surrendered, deciding to just apply that money towards 2021 tickets.

The separate email that I received as a partial season ticket holder steers me towards accepting a credit towards 2021 but also offers a way to receive a refund now instead. I had already decided to have money applied to 2021 season tickets.

Both emails thank fans for their patience and each includes the following message:

MLB and the Phillies are continuing to monitor the fluid nature of this pandemic and will communicate updates as soon as they are available. In addition to email communication, please visit for the most up-to-date information regarding the 2020 season.

My advice to fans going through the process would be to approach it with patience in mind. Hopefully any bugs or kinks in the system are worked out in the coming days. You can always call the offices. I have always found the Phillies phone operators both helpful and courtesy.

Fans who may have purchased their tickets directly at the Citizens Bank Park box offices should send an email to: Provide your ticketing information including dates and seats in order to receive further details.

Be sure that here at The Bell we will keep you updated on any Phillies ticketing information as it becomes public. You can follow the social media feeds at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from the same @philliesbell account handle.

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