My April 4 post on Twitter of Paul Richardson (below) triggered a lot of responses. That triggered my mind about my favorite Paul Richardson story, an embarrassing one.

We were on the Winter Caravan in Harrisburg, Thursday night, January 17, 1991. During the banquet word came that the US dropped some bombs in the Gulf War. We finished the banquet and headed straight for the bus to learn more and head back to the Vet.

Rather than tote his Hammond organ on a trailer, Paul opted to ride the bus. He had reached out to a Hammond dealer in Harrisburg to provide an organ.

I was in charge and didn’t do a head count when we got on the bus. We arrived at the Vet around midnight and Foster Mears, the night watchman, said, “Baron, you left Paul in Harrisburg and he’s pissed. He got as far as the Reading airport and needs someone to pick him up.” Since I was in charge and it was my mistake I began driving to Reading. We were friends who lived in Wilmington which a small plus. We didn’t have cell phones to communicate.

While I’m driving, I’m trying to figure out why he’s in Reading and not Harrisburg. Later found out while he was with the Harrisburg organ dealer after the banquet, we had hurriedly left. And, he had left his wallet on the bus and was unable to rent a car because he had no license or credit card or money. A fan at the banquet lived in Reading and offered to drive him to the airport there.

I got to the small Reading airport around 1:30 a.m. One person was sitting in the lobby, a steaming Paul Richardson. He explained his missing wallet, how he got to Reading and we departed for Wilmington. It was a long ride. Not a word was said.

Fortunately, our friendship resumed. He was such a big part of a fan’s Phillies experience for a long time.

Originally published at Phillies Insider on April 4, 2020. Reprinted by permission of the author.

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