The following are links to both “Ring the Bell” podcast episodes and my guest appearances on various Phillies related podcast shows.

The programs are listed in reverse chronological order along with the name and host of the show for guest appearances.

For “Ring the Bell” episodes the pod can be heard by clicking the Episode link. Guest appearances can be heard by clicking the date of the appearance:


  • 02.23Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter
  • 02.12Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter
  • 01.22Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter
  • 01.17Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter


  • 12.26 – Episode 00011: Answering questions submitted to the mailbag by social media followers
  • 12.11Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter
  • 11.30 – Episode 00010: Decision time arrives for Phillies on Franco, Hernandez
  • 11.20 – Episode 00009: The 2020 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot includes six former Phillies
  • 11.14 – Episode 00008: Five Phillies have been named as the National League Most Valuable Player
  • 11.13 – Episode 00007: NL Cy Young Award has gone to a Phillies hurler seven times
  • 11.12 – Episode 00006: Two surprising Phillies skippers have won the NL Manager of the Year Award
  • 11.11 – Episode 00005: Philadelphia Phillies and the NL Rookie of the Year Award
  • 11.09 – Episode 00004: 2019 MLB Awards nominees
  • 11.08 – Episode 00003: Phillies in the 2020 free agent market
  • 11.07 – Episode 00002: Phillies current roster and payroll evaluation
  • 11.06 – Episode 00001: Introduction to the host and podcast
  • 11.04Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter
  • 09.01Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter
  • 08.11Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter
  • 07.22Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter
  • 07.15In Kap We Trust with Shane Meade
  • 07.03Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter
  • 06.16Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter
  • 06.05Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter
  • 05.22Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter
  • 05.11Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter


  • 04.09 Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter
  • 03.28Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter
  • 02.28Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter
  • 02.12Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter


  • 10.04Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter
  • 07.12Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter


  • 06.22Yanks Go Yard with Ricky Keeler


If you would like me to appear as a guest on your podcast, feel free to contact me via email at, or you can slide into my DM’s on Twitter @MatthewVeasey or @PhilliesBell.


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