Towards the very end of 2013, I stumbled upon a website that intrigued me with it’s premise. The site is “”, and the premise of the program is that you choose one word you want to focus on in the coming year.

Such a simple premise, but one with the potential for a great deal of power. Almost any New Year resolution that anyone has ever made can be boiled down to one word, so I decided to give the program a try. And so here we are today.

My one word is “discipline”, though I don’t mean it in the negative sense, where punishment is involved (though at times it may seem like a punishment is going on, for sure.) No, my efforts are more towards the concept of “self-discipline”, the training and control of oneself and one’s conduct which is usually undertaken for personal improvement.

Frankly, I feel that my life could use a little personal improvement in a number of areas, and my own efforts at undertaking greater discipline in those areas this year could, if successful, mean major, positive change in my life. Those main areas include diet, exercise, finance, and what I am calling “presentation”, how I am presenting myself to the outside world.

I realize it is nothing more than a concept at this point, a thought in my head, supported only by the idea being expressed in some words here at my website. But I am going to begin planting that idea, specifically that word “discipline”, into my consciousness, and am going to begin taking action towards greater self-discipline as well.

I am going to fundamentally change what I eat and the way that I eat it. I am going to undertake a regular exercise program, and then maintain and even expand on it as the year progresses. I am going to spend less, save more, and be more charitable when I am able. That takes care of the areas of diet, exercise, and finance.

The final area is that of “presentation”, which will include improvements in how I speak to people, how I approach my career, how I conduct myself online. When I am able to do so financially and responsibly, I am even going to dress better. I am going to write more here on my website, on more important topics.

It has been said that self-discipline is all about actually thinking on your words and actions, and then making choices that are right for you and the others who have importance in your life. The “” FAQ says that the program is about choosing to live with purpose and intentionality.

I think those concepts merge perfectly into my own personal plan of greater self-discipline: thinking about what I am doing and saying much more often, being less reactionary and more under control, and intentionally make better choices in word and deed with purpose.

So there you have it, a fairly major 2014 New Year’s resolution. I have joined the “OneWord365” program publicly with the choice of “discipline”, specifically focusing on my own self-discipline. As the year moves along, I will provide some specific updates on my progress, in hopes of inspiring myself to continue, and others to join in.

That’s another thing about “OneWord365” – it’s never too late to jump in and start a program of your own. Go and visit the website. Pick out a word that encapsulates the area of your life which you want to focus upon. And then begin, holding yourself accountable along the way to the person who, in the end, matters the most in any positive change – you.

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